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Tuesday, January 1, 2019

December Daily: COMPLETE!!!

how is this possible?
New Year's Day and my album is complete!

unheard of

super excited and supremely happy

these numbered tags are from a DD main kit many moons ago - so i guess i haven't really stuck to my 'use it or throw it' criteria, but they sure are handy!

it was at about this point that i realised my wee album was starting to look really full - ALREADY!
mostly because of the date tags that serve to add quite a bit of thickness to the album.

i also realised that there are more of the 3x4 divided pages than straight 4x6 landscape sleeves!

anyhoo, i'm trying to keep the thickness on the far right of the album (if that makes any sense), hopefully increasing my chances of being able to close it come December 31st!

'floating' the photos [outside of the page protector] works too, if i'm going to try and make the 6 remaining landscape sleeves last!

i'm so glad we caught Aria's first full belly laugh on video too.
collectively, our family has watched it sooooo many times
it just never gets old.

including 'other voices' in my album here. 
this story comes from daughter #3

Christmas Eve. Again! (where did the year go...)

a double flip on these 3x4 sleeves

...and yes, i have covered my journalling, coz i don't have to share ALL my words all the time. i do however, note the fact that we've spent 23 of the last 24 Christmases at home.

i don't mind that i have two almost identical photos in this album.
it just goes to show the great variation in weather we have in December,
and how one day there can be no-one 'at home' in the photo (post-Christmas rush) versus a house full
of guests prior to Christmas.

these are THE PINNACLES. they were used in a scene from Peter Jackson's "Return of the King" in the Lord of the Rings Trilogy.

no starbucks coffee cups this year, but the MUFFIN BREAK ones were quite festive!

and a little Oprah to finish

the album ended up quite thick, but it still closes quite easily due to the width of the spine.

my ability to complete this album so quickly is due in no small part to the size of the album (ali's 4x6) 

i would totally buy this album again if shipping didn't cost more than the album itself!

the weather hasn't been as good as it was this time last year so i have had several days scrapping my heart out in my PJs (bliss). i see in the 'rest' kit there was a 3x4 card that says 'pjs all day'
i SHALL be using this card at some point i'm sure!

i also realised that this time last year i still had a house full of people, so opportunities to scrap were scarce.

anyhoo - there you have it - go me!!!


Wednesday, December 26, 2018

December Daily: Days 10 -13

ah yes - that point in the month where you hit critical mass:

when you're so busy DOING the things, you don't have time to DOCUMENT the things.

it happens, even with a smaller album!

would you believe i got shade from Zoe - one week in, when i hadn't featured Aria.
i had to laugh. it was going to happen - it was just a matter of when!

Zoe's tree is limited to lights blue-tacked to the wall because of their crazy kitten Fred (who has already attacked the bottom lights [behind the cushion]). Zoe had to have a tree though!

Monday's story features my new pink desk fan

best $5 i've spent in ages...

all things work-related feature over these days

the washi tree is inspired from the December Daily Facebook group

a smaller album means slightly less creativity, but i'm working it in where i can.

the office work lunch was quickly followed by the office party

i adhered a second 3x4 card on the outside of the sleeve to note who's who in the photo

the awesome ladies of the ITF!