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Sunday, August 31, 2014

photostory friday and the gift of giving

i always thought that it was my grandmother who said 'tis better to give than to receive', but a quick google tells me it's from the bible.

either way, they are words to live by.

some people take this to heart more than others, and this is particularly true of my friend NILA.
i guess she gets it from her mother, who's a member of the SATHYA SAI SERVICE ORGANISATION OF WELLINGTON. these wonderful people (made up mostly of ladies i think?) make and deliver FREE meals on wheels and provide volunteers to such organisations as our city's soup kitchen and the mary potter hospice.

this organisation lives by the 5 values of love, truth, peace, non-violence and right conduct.

they often provide the meal ingredients themselves and the organisation survives on donations.

last night they ran a fundraiser for mary potter hospice.
$15 for a wonderful authentic indian dinner - in 3 sittings
they were hoping to raise $4000

NILA (who celebrated her birthday yesterday) thought it was the perfect opportunity to GIVE:

"instead of going out for my birthday, my mum and i would like to support MPH by having a meal at the centre where she does a lot of her charity work.  my mum and i would like to PAY FOR YOU ALL to come and enjoy a meal.
i do not want any presents!
if you insist on paying for your ticket, it's $15"

classic nila

this is her happy face ;)

lining up for our delicious meal

awesome volunteers

and the main event - the potatoes were my fave!

no birthday is complete without cake!

that's nila's mum in the blue and yellow

it's not often nila is speechless!

nila was 'fashionably late' to her own event because she'd come straight from a function where she'd been awarded


myself and a dozen or so of my zumba girls felt so privileged to be a part of this wonderful event.

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Tuesday, August 26, 2014

and now for the photo-heavy catch up

may was a blur and mostly spent at home recuperating, but there were doctor's visits, weekly blood tests and what seemed like twice weekly hospital visits.  in ONE short week i'd been to the hospital more times than i'd been in the entire 31 years i've lived in wellington!

our local GP is now a familiar destination, which is a big change for hubby who hadn't been to the doctor in SEVEN. YEARS.

Men.  seriously.  take better care of yourselves...

10 days after the surgery, he was now legend at our local GP practice and this student doctor was very excited to take Clive's blood pressure.  

eventually life returned to [our new] normal, and in no particular order, this is what we've been up to in the past 3 months

pink t-shirt anti-bullying zumba class

#4 daughter playing in the A netball team
juggling netball AND rowing during the winter has been a challenge for her
one that she's risen to

her school fancy dress (3 days ago)

interview day for this event where i'll be volunteering

zumba kept us sane

#3 daughter got a new weekend job
that kinda got lost in the 'late april blur'
in fact she found out she'd been offered the job while her dad was in surgery
never has our enthusiasm for something one of our daughters has achieved been so lacklustre!

mothers' day.
considering i was meant to be in sydney drooling over michael buble that weekend, our girls did well to 'throw' together this awesome basket of goodies for me

zumba.  more wonderful zumba
my first few classes back were actually quite hard because i was SO distracted and felt guilty for being away from home, but with each class i went to, it got easier to be there; and they were an absolute necessity for my mental health!

culinary studies continued and when her class was in the production kitchen, we came and ate in the restaurant.  proud mama moment, especially when the maitre d comes over and tells you what a great kid you've got

where would we be without our needy cats eh...

note paws firmly planted on my phone

 trying to type here...

there was that one time we ran out of coffee beans

that made me sad (and cranky)

french-themed high tea

 i did eventually get that mini break in sydney
and boy did i need it

i treated myself to a night in a nice hotel
this was my view

i got to catch up with family 

eat these pork buns

 and this edible work of art

oh my...

and have fun with benefit cosmetics
(which aren't available in my city)

i tried my first ever BARRE ATTACK class

it was awesome

think ballet-meets-pilates-meets-yoga

and it was tara's birthday - YAY!

 i bought these boots

back home there was a night out that included line dancing with my zumba girls

i discovered the joys of distress products and made time to scrap

our family enjoyed the benefits of 'bread week'
(#3 daughter's study)

but not NEARLY as much as we enjoyed the bread that came packed with chocolate and custard...

we won the prize for 'best sideline family support at netball'
(ok i made that up, but if there WAS an award, we totally would've won it)

my dad got to see his favourite football team in action

there were mini celebrations along the way
(the final resolution of a stalled wound post-surgery)

more scrapbooking

milestones like getting back on his motorbike 

more high tea

this time a chocolate-themed one

rowing season started

wellington turned on a fine day for the first local regatta - yay

a 'casual' 8 kilometre row to the airport and back

#3 daughter got her restricted drivers' licence

remember when #2 daughter went to berkeley?
she left something (or someone behind)

he just left after a 2-week visit
we approve

then yesterday my baby turned 25!!!!!

this is a text i got from her this morning:

"oh god, i just realised i've moved up an age bracket!  no longer 18-24 *sad face*"

i replied:

"that's how i felt when i was no longer 40-49!!!!!"


...and as if our future wasn't looking bright enough, in 2 weeks' time we will have high tea here:

stay here

then jump on this

 and go here

then here

and lots of other places too!!!