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Friday, August 18, 2017

Day in the Life: June 20, 2017: Mini Album

here it is - a hastily and poorly photographed Day in the Life Album
from June 20 of this year.

hastily, because i am DETERMINED to get it finished before the next DitL observance
 - which is TOMORROW!!!

..and poorly, because i still haven't yet figured out the best spot in our new place to photograph my work (and the sun had gone down)

so this is our Cabbage Tree
i can see it out the window from where i sit at our kitchen table

i may have mentioned once or twice (or to anyone who will listen) how much i LOVE having an eatin' table in the kitchen.

it was an ordinary/work day, but as always, i love capturing the little details, AND it was my first memory keeping project in the new place, which DID make it special.


Monday, May 8, 2017

Day in the Life: October 27, 2016: Mini Album

yes this was 6 months ago, but when you have your photos, words and supplies all in one place, it's pretty easy to put together!

i've had these 6x6 plastic 'pages' for ages so thought i'd have a go using them.
i have 2 leftover, so i'll be able to use them as covers for our next Day in the Life observance.

October 27 was a 'travel day' and this was new for me
i'd never documented DinL when i was travelling or on holiday
it was fun, but not without its challenges - anti social being on your phone all the time, forgetting to take photos etc etc

either way - i'm really happy with the way the whole thing turned out.

as with ALL my memory keeping, i included photos and stories from the girls wherever they are. given that half of us were in different time zones that day, the chronology of the timings is a little off.

the rubber 'october' is from studio calico
for the rest of the album i mostly used ali edwards story kit components
the brown card is cut up manilla folders because i couldn't find any brown card!