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Sunday, August 27, 2017

Week in the Life 2017: Completed Album

some thoughts on the project this year...

- i was pretty happy to be done with this project and put the album on the shelf tbh

as always though, i'm forever grateful for the details captured during the week

- as excited as i was to include the purchase of our first house in 22 years, i was SO busy getting our existing house ready for sale that there were many times i simply forgot to take photos.

- i mean, just how many photos of me washing windows does one album need!?!

- the photos i ended up with tell that story and i wouldn't have it any other way.

- i took 200 photos less than last year!

- the silver lining is that there were WAY less photos to choose from and i therefore didn't have to agonise over what to include in the album.

- i wasn't able to keep up with daily blogging either.

other observations:

- there was no zumba in my week; in fact there was very little exercise at all. for one, i was sick all week. buying and selling houses is stressful!

- this was the first time documenting week in the life where there weren't any children living in our home, but it didn't actually make any difference to my documentation. i ALWAYS make sure to include 'other voice' in my memory keeping, and that includes our girls living out of the house, out of town or out the country - something ALL of them were doing this week!

our house officially went on the market on wednesday april 26 and we went down to the wire.
i was weeding the garden and laying down bark while the first photographer was in the house!

as for putting the actual album together, with my CRAFT TABLE and COMPUTER DESK at opposite ends of the house, i didn't think i would be able to get started on this album until well after our move.

then i looked at ali's process for this year and thought to myself "that might actually work for me!"

sure enough, i was able to make a start by completing all my journalling and printing all my photos at my computer desk, then transferred to my scrap room and embellish the photos.

thoughts on that particular process:

it's certainly efficient and methodical!
it worked for me this year, but i don't think i would do it again.

because i like each individual photo and page/protector to tell a complete story

i know for sure that when people leaf through my album, they're not going to read all the journalling then look at the photos and know the story. i KNOW how people read my albums, and i know what works for me.

bottom line:

my stories got told
i LOVE that i could continue to work on it during this crazy time and i love that it got done.

so without further ado - here it is!!!

the rubber embellishment on the plastic letters is a lift from someone in the 'craft the story' Facebook group.
i take no credit for this very cool idea!

we had 7 rooms that needed to be staged before we put our house on the market
we did it ourselves



Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Day in the Life: August 19, 2017: Album Complete

i'm SOOOOOO happy with the way this came together!

given that i had only just completed my JUNE 20 Day in the Life on August 18;
the fact that my August 19 Day in the Life is complete on August 23,

well - i'm pretty bloody stoked!!!

setting hourly alarms on my phone and using these ali edward's DitL Mini Kit #4 3x4 cards certainly made putting the album together super quick and easy.

happy happy happy!

i seem to be always punching poor old hubby in the eye
i try really hard not to, but sometimes it just can't be avoided

omg you guys, this cocktail - and it CAME with the teeny tiny lemon meringue
i died..

oops, i did it again...

(eye, eye)

as always, i include photos of my girls,
and sometimes you just gotta take what you can get!!!

now to finish my Week in the Life album
(from April)