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Friday, December 15, 2017

December Daily: Days 7-11

cracking along!

if you're paying close attention, you'll see that i used the pool pic twice (not on purpose lol)
having said that, our air bnb was THE most epic i've stayed at yet!

the 'cheers' tag is just sitting in that sleeve
(ie i didn't tape the bottom of it)

review of the Shakespeare performance my friend and i went to
EPIC! like nothing i've ever seen before - not that i've ever seen a lot of shakespeare

Merchant of Venice - when i was a teenager - coz i had to
don't remember a thing...

really happy i got to use this starbucks bag too

i adhered a 6x8 piece of heavy paper to the back just to give it a little weight.

loving these giant gold tags!
will probably use all 3 in this album

Auckland's pop up globe
the 'groundling' tickets are $5 each!
if you could stand to stand for over 2 hours, it'd be an incredible experience

when we walked out at the end of the night, the girls in front of us were covered in fake blood!

love monday's story

if you're confused by seeing this after all my summer pics, this is my 2nd youngest girl
she'll be home from London for Christmas in 5 sleeps - SO EXCITED!!!!!

yes, i realise the Christmas tree paper is upside down
no, i didn't do it on purpose
i didn't even mean to use that side of the paper - DOH!!!

Thursday, December 7, 2017

December Daily: Days 5-6

changed my mind about my cover page and 'note to myself'

added the year to make the inside cover page my title page

and typed my intentions on a separate page.

the 'celebrate' was a die cut from last year's main kit, which i cut it in half.
i know i'll find a use for the 'this' somewhere in the album!

i'm always happily surprised at how an idea for a story on any given day can evolve into something bigger or completely different.

i wanted to incorporate two stories today, so i cut down one of the 2x2 sleeves and cropped my photos.  now that we actually LIVE in the village, (as opposed to only being there to run errands), i wanted to include a photo of the town hall all decked out. the fact that it was a STUNNING day, made the decision to include the photo easy.

this time last year the building on the right wasn't even built. it used to house several businesses, and now it houses apartments AND businesses.  i think it's an eyesore.

i'd forgotten what an absolute treasure our many bush walks are.
an oasis merely minutes from home.

on Day 6 i got my 'church on'  and went to a Christmas Concert
because NZ is such a small country, i knew two people performing: one studying music and the other a former co-worker - but of COURSE they knew each other!!!

you can't beat a choir
you can't beat an orchestra
and you can't beat a church for the acoustics

also - it was still 21 deg (70 f) when i drove home at 9 o'clock

long may this early summer continue!

scrappy notes: i used one of ali's layered templates, made the photo layer invisible to print the words, then printed the photo separately.  too easy.

Tuesday, December 5, 2017

December Daily: Days 1-4

as was the case in 2014, December Daily started while i was on holiday overseas, so coming home i felt like i was playing catch up.

thankfully, all my supplies were set up and ready to go and i'd already written myself an intro.

this year's "reason why" ended up being "counting the ways" i was excited, and "reminders" to myself about expectations around having all four girls under one roof for the first Christmas in 3 years.

the circle page below will go on the flip side of my title page, although if i added '2017' it would very easily be my title page!

 i very much took my inspiration from the DD facebook group for this and used the Starbucks cup (and a circle punch) that a member of the group sent me from the States.

i love the friendships that develop through a shared love of memory keeping.

i've started off pretty simple and each day [so far] is only one page, but i know from experience that some days there is one page, and others there are more.

i have quite a stash of 6x8 sleeves in various sizes and felt like a 3x8 would go great here.

December 1 found us in Hobart and enjoying a Friday Night Dinner with our hosts and their friends.

I can see already that these white semi-circles are going to be very versatile!

Day 3 was also easy, and a good reminder that simple is OKAY.

Day 4's story came via my London-based daughter 
(who will be home for Christmas in 16 sleeps!!!)

it really IS a fun little story (her words not mine), including the part where i didn't realise she was still watching the movie and i spoilt the ending for her - DOH!!!

Sunday, August 27, 2017

Week in the Life 2017: Completed Album

some thoughts on the project this year...

- i was pretty happy to be done with this project and put the album on the shelf tbh

as always though, i'm forever grateful for the details captured during the week

- as excited as i was to include the purchase of our first house in 22 years, i was SO busy getting our existing house ready for sale that there were many times i simply forgot to take photos.

- i mean, just how many photos of me washing windows does one album need!?!

- the photos i ended up with tell that story and i wouldn't have it any other way.

- i took 200 photos less than last year!

- the silver lining is that there were WAY less photos to choose from and i therefore didn't have to agonise over what to include in the album.

- i wasn't able to keep up with daily blogging either.

other observations:

- there was no zumba in my week; in fact there was very little exercise at all. for one, i was sick all week. buying and selling houses is stressful!

- this was the first time documenting week in the life where there weren't any children living in our home, but it didn't actually make any difference to my documentation. i ALWAYS make sure to include 'other voice' in my memory keeping, and that includes our girls living out of the house, out of town or out the country - something ALL of them were doing this week!

our house officially went on the market on wednesday april 26 and we went down to the wire.
i was weeding the garden and laying down bark while the first photographer was in the house!

as for putting the actual album together, with my CRAFT TABLE and COMPUTER DESK at opposite ends of the house, i didn't think i would be able to get started on this album until well after our move.

then i looked at ali's process for this year and thought to myself "that might actually work for me!"

sure enough, i was able to make a start by completing all my journalling and printing all my photos at my computer desk, then transferred to my scrap room and embellish the photos.

thoughts on that particular process:

it's certainly efficient and methodical!
it worked for me this year, but i don't think i would do it again.

because i like each individual photo and page/protector to tell a complete story

i know for sure that when people leaf through my album, they're not going to read all the journalling then look at the photos and know the story. i KNOW how people read my albums, and i know what works for me.

bottom line:

my stories got told
i LOVE that i could continue to work on it during this crazy time and i love that it got done.

so without further ado - here it is!!!

the rubber embellishment on the plastic letters is a lift from someone in the 'craft the story' Facebook group.
i take no credit for this very cool idea!

we had 7 rooms that needed to be staged before we put our house on the market
we did it ourselves