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Wellington, New Zealand
welcome to my corner of the blog world! i love step, boxing, zumba, scrapbooking, photography, watching movies, walking the hills of my suburb, my family, and life in wellington. take some time to have a look around and be sure to say hi!


like most sits girls, i've waited patiently for my big day, and in the process, i've enjoyed visiting blogs from all over the world, leaving lots of comments along the way.

SITS (secret's in the sauce) is a comment love blog run by heather and tiffany, that has a 'featured blogger' every day.

today that featured blogger is ME!

so, welcome on in. if you're blogging in from the uk or anywhere in north america, you're about as far away from home as you can be, because i'm way down at the bottom of the world in new zealand!

the country that gave you sir edmund hilary, the first country in the world to give women the vote, the all blacks, kiwifruit, the buzzy bee, pavlova, paua shells, and ME!

i'm a part-time events administrator, wife and mother of 4. i recently went back to paid work after 20 years, so the past year's been an interesting one to say the least. we have 3 cats, 2 kittens and 2 bunnies. we're cat people, it's true.

i love to walk, read, watch movies, travel, spend time family and friends, take photos, scrap, stamp and blog. i also love good coffee and good wine. it really doesn't take much to keep me happy...

so without further ado, here's the gang...

this is me!
this photo, taken by a scrapbooking friend, led me to asking santa (aka mr scrappy) for a portrait lens for christmas.  this has to be my fave pic of me in a long time, and i've long believed i don't photograph well, so that's saying something!

here's the girls - this photo was taken in sept 08
everyone was feeling very spring-like and frisky that day!

this is me and mr scrappy in the spring tulips last september
i scrapped this layout in november - it's a lift and i love it!

miss 13 and miss 20

 miss 18 and her bestie before their year 13 leavers' dinner last dec

miss 13 before her intermediate (middle) school leavers' function, also taken in december last year

that's my baby, miss 12.  taken during our recent camping holiday

and these are our new kittens sid (ginger) and molly

our other cats patsy, wednesday and moe were unavailable for photos as they have their noses severely out of joint due to 'new baby' syndrome!!!

the bunnies, oscar and RJ?  well, they look like regular brown bunnies

so that's the gang!

i'm going to try and visit all commenters, so comment away and also enjoy my three favourite posts.
(it was hard to pick 3 outta over 400 i tell ya!)