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Wednesday, February 6, 2008

365 (which is technically 366)

...or in my case - 335 (coz i'm a late starter).

i've been hearing, seeing, reading all about these 365 challenges. ali e is doing the self-portrait one; my friend colleen from all about eve and club cupcake scrapshop is taking a photo a day, and they're not alone if you take a gander at flickr.

so, starting backwards from today...

feb 6
miss 16 in her wellington city council cap and youth council 'crew' t-shirt

feb 5

daughter #1 in green, and one of her besties who has just returned from a year in peru with AFS. as u can see, they are very happy to see each other again

feb 4

miss 16's lunch (prepared the night before school went back).

she so organised (just like her mum!)

feb 3

miss 11 - how cute are those freckles

feb 2

wellington sevens rugby tournament (held at the stadium),

also known as the world's biggest costume party

that tower on top of the hill in the distance is mt kau kau

feb 1st

miss 11 with cute barnyard creature at staglands wildlife reserve

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