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Friday, February 15, 2008

Friday Night

during the summer, this is where we spend our friday afternoons; summer league netball is played at a school not far from home. mikaela's team won her game by 1 goal - a nail biter it was too! tash's team had a good win, but i probably won't be taking any pictures at her games.

the reason? i am the coach and i need both hands to gesticulate wildly, pace up and down the court and yell enthusiastically during every second of the game. it's just the way it is. i took this from the car looking back at the courts just before we came home.

netball is VERY popular here in new zealand, and for your northern hemisphere folks, here are the main differences between netball and basketball:

- netball has 7 players on a team, whereas basketball has 5
- there is no 'dribbling' in netball (tho depending on how excited i get, there might sometimes be foaming at the mouth)
- netball is played PRIMARILY by girls; in fact, more girls play netball in new zealand than any other sport.

our national team, the silver ferns and the australian team like to 'duke' it out for the mantle of 'world champs'. currently the ozzies lay claim to the spoils.

a southerly came through and caught us unawares, so by the time i shivered my way back to the car after standing on the sideline for 2 hours, i was near frozen. so to warm up, we had these for dinner.
nothin' like home-made burgers and a red wine to warm up your cold bits.


Melinda said...

nothing like a home cooked meal- ha! Are they good?

scrappysue said...

they really are, and u can cook them in the microwave (takes about a minute each side) OR in the oven or BBQ - so quick and easy - and tasty too!

Kristi Smith said...

was that a joke . . . homemade . . . because they do come in a pouch? ;)

Can you take more photos of New Zealand?

And I told Melinda you need to post a blog with all of your costume "fancy dresses" (that's what I believe you called them!!!

scrappysue said...

the picture is just the packet of burger patties. we grill the buns and add all the fixins', so YEP - def home-made!

happy to take more pics for ya, and as for the dress-ups - that's me in a wig in my profile pic - that oughta keep ya going for a while!!! lol

melinda said...

oh come on Sue out with the photos- and yes Kristi it was a joke- silly girl that is why I put the Ha ;)

scrappysue said...

ok ok!!! pressure pressure! i'm already behind with my photo of the day! just got back from round the bays and now off to see the queen victoria - posts (plural!!!) coming soon!!!