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Thursday, February 7, 2008

New School Smile

miss 11 starts intermediate school today (that's middle school for you americans out there). they only go for 2 years tho, and man, it goes fast!

she was ready at 7.35am, which if you knew this child, you would know is a minor miracle.

hope that smile is still there this afternoon!

 miss 10 on her first day of her last year of primary school.

(that's elementary school for you americans out there)

the pained look is on account of the sunburn on her back and the fact that her backpack will remind her of it all the way down the hill to school.

that's miss 11's BF in the middle and my miss 16, along with a make-shift feline guard of honour (they did their best)

the point at which my house went dead quiet for the first time since many summer weeks ago!

look mum, no kids!!!

once i've been down to school and recorded the absences (one of my volunteer jobs), i will get to read this.
'this' is also my photo of the day - our daily paper 'the dompost'


Melinda said...

I love having my darlings home, but a small part of me craves the day 4.5 years from now when the baby goes to school and I can have a quiet house....maybe??? Your girls are beautiful. All girls you have?

Melinda said...

oh and yes the linking is ok with me- I will do the same if it is fine with you.

Lynette van Barrelo said...

Hey! How come I never knew this blog existed?
Hey! How come your kids are starting back a week later than mine?
Hey! How come your kids have sunburn and we've had nothing but rain here for the past week?
Hey!... How come you have a hole where your drawer is supposed to be? =D

This is my first visit. Maybe you already have another stalker from Oz...

Hey! Its about bloody time you got yourself a blog! Now we can run amok in NZ! Wheeeeeee!!!!

scrappysue said...

so i have TWO ozzie stalkers - my life is truly complete.

Q&A - melinda we have 4 daughters 18, 16, 11 and 10 - they are AWESOME!!! and yes, u can link me!!!

lynette - i've only had my blog 5 minutes; talk to the ministry of education i know nothing; it's always hot and sunny in wellington (oh shit, my nose just knocked my comptuer screen over); we actually have TWO holes where drawers used to be - i think it adds character (yeah right!!!)

Lynette van Barrelo said...

Yeah... I've stayed in Wgtn so I KNOW what Wgtn weather is like!

Character... yes... I can see that!

Kristi Smith said...

lol, leave it to Lynette to notice the holes. Our house is only 2 years old and it has lots of character . . . screws coming out of the ceiling, crack in the cement in the garage, a crayon mark going down the wall of the stairs, etc . . .