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Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Waitangi Day

also known as New Zealand Day. it celebrates the signing of our nation's founding document in 1840 - The Treaty of Waitangi. we don't approach the day with as much patriotic fervour as July 4th; partly because many people have only just gone back to work after the New Year. partly because we aren't as sensible as the americans and observe public holidays on a monday (this year Waitangi Day falls on a wednesday!) and partly because the Treaty continues to be contentious.

new zealand has its own indigenous peoples issues just like the rest of the world!

for today tho, we enjoyed the sun and entertainment on offer. we went into town to Waitangi Park where miss 16 was helping to run the performances on the youth stage. she has been a member of the Wellington Youth Council since 2005. that's her on the far left in the cap and glasses looking bored (or exceptionally cool. you decide...)

later in the afternoon we went to see a local theatre group perform "Princess Kate and the Dragon". it's a wonderful way to spend (effectively) the last day of summer (holidays). the school year starts tomorrow, or as a like to refer to it - 'reality bites'.

DH with daughters 3 and 4 lazing in the sun

check out that blue sky. we live in a city surrounded by mountains; and when you get to the top of the mountain, you get the harbour view on my banner. we're very lucky.

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