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Tuesday, March 25, 2008

hong kong ROCKS!!!

it's 6 o'clock on our first full day here. the lights of the city are just starting to come on. we're taking '5' in our room before heading out to the new dynasty scenic restaurant. it's on the 60th floor of a building on hong kong island. if it turns out to be too expensive, we'll go somewhere else. i managed to drag clive to a place today that didn't boast any english signage and we had a fantastic meal. when in rome i say...

course i'm not in rome - rome would be MUCH more expensive - hong kong is awesomely inexpensive!. here are some other observations to date:

  1. it's teeming with people. around 6.7 million in a land area comprising a FRACTION of that of new zealand.
  2. it's the easiest place to get around
  3. public transport is cheap, fun and straightfoward
  4. octupus cards rock!
  5. it's dull. no sun yet :( it permanently feels like late afternoon. well, it is now, but it's felt like that all day!
  6. the people are really friendly.
  7. everyone and i mean EVERYONE is talking on their cellphones!
  8. i've already been to a few side-street markets and NO-ONE has accosted me to sell me something i don't want. not even something i DO want! i'm sure the more well-known markets will be a different kettle of fish.
so, no photos yet. the battery ran out just as we got here and i didn't have time to re-charge before we went exploring. i saw SO many things i wanted to photograph too. i'm re-tracing my steps for sure!

planning on taking the star ferry to kowloon tomorrow for the day - yeeha! can't wait


Melinda said...

Man I can feel your energy from here! I can tell you are so thrilled, excited, and pumped to be there!! Keep on enjoying it girl!

Hong Kong Muse said...

Sue, you made it!
I am sorry I missed your call, we had a bit of a cat emergency vet visit...i'll explain on my site.

we would love to meet up, but the weekend is much better for us due to work.

please let us know if you have time to fit us in on the weekend and for what...meanwhile, have fun!!!

any questions now that you have been here a couple of days? let me know.

if you can, please call again...i cannot dial your hubby's number as my cell doesn't do internat'l numbers...

hope to speak to you soon!!

Susan said...

It sounds like you're having a great time! I'm looking forward to the pictures.

Lynette van Barrelo said...

Go buy a dried fish just because you can...


scrappysue said...

lynette - i've seen plenty of dried fish today, so i'm gonna pass. i don't usually take my dried fish dusted with leaded petrol fumes lol