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Tuesday, March 11, 2008

The new Mac and Cheese

I AM Jessica Seinfeld. I’m her. She is me. I could be LIVING her life. Let’s run thru the check list shall we?

Cute husband?


Adorable kids?
Yep, big tick

Bags of pureed goodness on my kitchen counter?

Oh yeah

I tell you. If she wanted, she could SO be me right now.

I watch oprah religiously. It’s on here at 2pm and it’s very random as to when we get the shows and how out of date they are, so i have noooooooooo idea on the original JS air date. Anyhoo, initially i was very hurrumph, bah humbug about the whole hiding-the-vegetables thing, but after seeing the show i was converted and immediately ordered the book online.

It came this week! Look, there’s me all ready to go with mr broccoli.

Vegetable-averse daughter #4 saw me making the purees and declared, “that’s it! I’m never eating brownies again!!!” (is that the way it’s meant to work?) hmmmmm... Anyway. I am undeterred. I have a thick skin. I am woman. I am a mother. I’m tired.

and to finish, here's a taste of things to come...

hey mister! going my way?
To celebrate:
  1. my impending 1000th visitor
  2. my impending 50th post
  3. my impending birthday and associated trip to hong kong

i am having an EASTER GIVEAWAY!!!!!!!! can i hear a WAHOO!!!

so to all my readers (all 3 of you) - get clicking and tell all your friends, coz there's chocolate involved, and kiwi souvenirs and crafty items! (photos coming soon!) (watch this space!) etc etc

PS: the mac and cheese with the hidden cauliflower puree was a minor hit.


Colleen said...

a cream egg truck?!?!?!?! DUDE!

Susan said...

WAHOOO! I love chocolate, would follow that truck anyplace!

Kristi Smith said...

Please don't tell me you put broccoli in brownies?!?!? I think I will skip supper at your house!

That is weird about the Oprah shows. I don't understand why you don't see them the same time we do!!!

Get rid of the word verification and I will leave more comments. lol

scrappysue said...

i haven't put SPINACH or CARROTS in the brownies, but it's gonna happen! i can't be your only blogger friend with word verification? i do wonder what it does tho. any thoughts bloggers???

Reluctant Housewife said...

If you have any solid veggies left, I'll take one of those, thanks.

Wanted to congratulate you on the 1000th visitor, the 50th post (I wrote mine today), and most of all your trip to Hong Kong (amazing!). Oh, and happy birthday.

Anonymous said...

actually vege stuff is ok...we made vege juice a year or so ago at kindergarten and i thought!!!! I didn't or wouldn't like them but they were yum!!!! As for the creme egg truck yummmmmm loving the peppermint ones at the mo!!!!
and as for the verification all blogs have it - well the 30-40 I read anyway - it stops computer robots or automated spam or something from blitzing you with crap so that's why it's there!!!! only takes 2 secs anyway so NOT a biggie!!!!!

Lynette van Barrelo said...

i think the verification thing is evil. I deselected it on Blogspot and I've done it on Typepad too and the world is good and kind...

Me likes that Creme egg on wheels though...

My kids don't have a vege eating problem so pureeing everything is not in my future. Still trying to get my head around put it in cookies...

Why do I do ... after every paragraph you may well ask? I don't know...

paula clare said...

I'll keep my eyes peeled for the giveaway...I loves me some kiwi new zealand type stuff :-) Oh, and just for the record, the creamy center of a cadbury egg makes me ill. Give me sugar coated peeps any day!

Melinda said...

Yuck on the pureed veggies thing. Luckily we only have one picky eater in the house and she is just too young to reason with so I hold out hope...
Glad the the cream center of a Cadbury egg makes someone else gag! I like the chocolate part but not the center!

Janette said...

Hello Darling Sue,

I've heard all about this book in December while in Cuba. There was a mother there on vacation telling me about it. her son will not eat any veggies. So she had made the brownies and cookies and her kid eats them. Her hubby took them to work and fed his workers and didn't tell them until after they ate them all up and said how good they were. So I say make those cookies!
My family eats veggies. We all love them. You should see my pasta dishes, three peppers two or three huge onions tons of mushrooms. They love my cooking and they never like pasta in a restaurant. I think you learn to like veggies. My kids had to eat them when they were little or no desert. We love broccoli and cauliflower in our house and eat them once or twice a week. OH and get this Natasha favourite veggie in brussel sprouts. That mac and cheese with hidden cauliflower sounds very yummy. BUT I don't think I would puree it! ;) Okay enough of my veggie talk. Great post by the way. Long live the vegetables. MMMM MMMM GOOD!
P.S. I hate word verification too. BUT yours isn't that hard to read. i find type pad worse.

Janette said...

Oh and have a GREAT day! I think I forgot that. I got so excited about the veggies!

Mommy said...

Nice to meet you! I wandered over here from the Blog Party. Love your blog - very funny. The picture of you holding the broccoli with such a look of determination on your face is priceless.


scrappysue said...

darling janette...:)

it's ok to get excited about veggies - we ALL should do that lol. our 4 daughters eat veggies - they just don't all love the same veggies at the same time!!! i just figured if i could get some more into them, then all well and good.

we also love broccoli and cauli. tonight we are having one of our faves - B&C lasagne! here's the recipe in case u wanna try. LMK if u do!