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Monday, March 17, 2008

Scrappy weekend

Did ya miss me? I know it’s only been 4 days, but since i’ve been a blogging fiend, i thought you mighta missed me. Oh well, here i am again anyway.

Went to the Wairarapa for a scrappy weekend. Me’n’the scrappy chicks do this twice a year, and have been since 2005. We eat, we sleep, we scrap, we lunch, we drink, we talk, we eat, we talk some more and we scrap. In fact, the only time we ain’t talkin’ is when we sleepin’! We take enough scrapping supplies to start our own very large mobile second hand scrapbooking store. Most of it doesn't get used, but scrapbookers, like the girls' brigade, should 'be prepared'.

So without further ado – here’s some piccies from my scrappy weekend.

Scrappy cottage

Scrappy viewScrappy essentials: liquorice allsorts, water, chocolates, party mix. Oh yeah – hole punch, glue, pens'n'stuff.

Scrappy lunch

Slow ahead – genius at work!Michelle stopped off at the library and picked up a copy of scrapbooking memories magazine. as i was sitting the sun with my cuppa tea and toast leafing thru the magazine, who should i see featured but the terrifically talented, fantastically fabulous LYNETTE!

Is it ok to photograph a published layout and feature it on my blog? I don’t know! And if not, will the scrappy police come for me in the middle of the night? will they use ribbon and ric rac instead of rope? will i be blindfolded with strips of satin instead of a smelly old hanky? these and other questions shall, for the meantime, remain unanswered.

Here’s the scrappy chicks before we headed home. Tara is a genius at taking these photos using her very long arms. she can even get 5 people in! I used pioneer woman’s PSE hard light trick, except i used soft light coz you know, we ain’t a herd of wild mustangs; we are four ‘women of a certain age’ (well, i am).

it’s quite tragic really, as of march 26, i move into a new demographic. never again will i be able to check the ’39-44’ age group. i’ll be graduating to the 45-49 age group. are they more fun these 45-49ers? idon’t know. well i do actually. once i get there, the fun will REALLY start!

But back to the lovely soft light that envelopes the wonderful scrappy chicks. while i was at it i used the blur tool to photoshop out my crow’s feet. clearly i’m not very good at it, which is why i look like i have a lump of clay in the corner of my eye.

this photo is only funny when you know my surname is bull. in fact, it's probably only mildly amusing. to me. it was at the entrance to the property opposite our scrappy cottage. it's made entirely of corrugated iron and the detail is quite clever. with any luck you will be able to click on it and see an enlargement. and i really mean luck, coz i have no idea how to make that happen on purpose.

the name of the property is 'somewhat shaggi fold', and the bull's name is 'steve'. i guess it's a local joke. definitely meaningful to those that live there for sure.

THE END! Scrappy weekend projects and completed layouts to follow in another post.


Lynette van Barrelo said...

Thought I'd check back here and see what the H*** it was that you meant! Haah! yeah... the 'Josh' layout. Its an oldie.

That bull is pretty cool. I had an uncle who lived in Waipawa. Is that in the same area as your scrappy view? Its been a while so my geography is up the clap.

I thought it a little unusual for you to not be updating... nice to see you back!

scrappysue said...

yep - def on the clap. waipawa is in the hawkes bay. wairarapa is literally up the road and over the hill - state highway 2, as opposed to state highway 1 which takes u all the way to auckland. here endeth the geography lesson.

Anonymous said...

sounds like a great weekend.... must look into doing something like this myself....any chance we'll get to see some layouts?????

scrappysue said...

yep - tomorrow or wed.

Janette said...

WOW now that sounded like a fun filled weekend. The thing is when I go to crops I never get much done at all. I kind of feel guilty. I'm too busy talking and looking at other peoples scrap books and shopping for more supplies. Like I don't have enough. The photos are fabulous. I'm loving that bull. You girls are all adorable! Have a great day. Or I should say night.

Melinda said...

So Sue did you chat and gab and eat and chat some more and you are now home completing those layouts? See that is how it goes for me. Just ask Kristi- we took some classes back in the Fall and I only completed one project- and even that was with staying past the allotted time to get it finished. Glad you had a weekend away and it looks like you all had a good time!
oh and you know I wonder how to on purpose make it where the clicking of the photo magically makes it larger!

scrappysue said...

hey janette and melinda - it's morning for me now lol! yep - i usually finish the journalling on my layouts once i get home, but it's easter, my folks are arriving and clive and i are heading off to HK in 6 SLEEPS!!! so not much sbg gonna happen for a few weeks me thinks!

Colleen said...

ok, jealous now. i want a scrappy weekend too! (i know i had one, but i want another)

and you don't look 45. age is just a number, mami