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Thursday, April 10, 2008

2 tags and 2 (more!) awards

i turn my back for literally 5 minutes (ok, overnight in auckland at a rock concert. more on THAT later!) and i have been generously bestowed twice again.

firstly, thanks to dusty spider for this award. i'd happily natter with you any day too!

and to working mum for this blog of distinction - much appreciated!
and now onto the tags. one is only slightly more interesting than the other, but here goes.
firstly, the reluctant housewife tagged me with the book tag. i’ve probably killed this one right dead, but it was right there on the coffee table, so waddyagonnado?...
Pick up the nearest book of at least 123 pages.
Open the book to page 123.
Find the 5th sentence.
Post the next 3 sentences.
Tag 5 people.

(the book) Don’t call me Ishmael!
(the 5th sentence) Think, kingsley.
(and the 2 following that) Try to remember. It’s very important.

Ok, i can see how this would normally turn out a little more insightful. Not today tho lol. because i value my blogging friends, i'm not tagging anyone right now.
and now for the MEME tag. not only did working mum give me an award she would also like to know more about me (really, i’m not that interesting!)

What was i doing 10 years ago? well, on the 21st day of 1998 i gave birth to our 4th daughter, and that was pretty much it for the year. last night i looked through all my photos of 1998 and we had ONE trip to christchurch to see my folks, and THAT WAS IT.
as you can from this pic, i already HAD one baby and was about to drop another.
i hadn't had a full night's sleep in around 2 years, and i wouldn't get one for another 5. such is life. those days are long gone, and while i luuuuuuuuuuuuurve babies, i'm happy with my walkin', talkin', can-look-after-themselves pre-teen and teenage models.

there they are - my 4 girls. it occurs to me as i load these photos, that daughters 1, 2 and 3 are all wearing dungarees. this in no way reflects my fashion sense, either now or back in the late 90s. i can only pray that it was a freak occurrence and that it will never, EVER happen again. ever.

5 snacks i enjoy:
  1. Sour cream and chives chips
  2. Sour cream and chives sakata crackers
  3. Chocolate raisins
  4. Pinky bars
  5. Anything covered in chocolate

Things i would do if a were a billionaire:

  1. Give some money to my parents (and my parents-in-law)
  2. Redecorate
  3. Travel. Travel, travel!!!!!
  4. Give a tonne to charity
  5. Give a very small amount to my children who would still complain that their red enzo Ferrari was the wrong colour

5 jobs i have had:

  1. Strawberry picker
  2. Babysitter (does that count?)
  3. Typist in a typing pool
  4. Personal assistant (although when i was working (like for money before i became a SAHM) they weren’t called PAs, they were still called secretaries
  5. SAHM

3 of my bad habits:

  1. Interrupting people
  2. Starting one job before finishing another
  3. Control freak

5 places i have lived:

  1. Christchurch
  2. Wellington
  3. Wellington
  4. Atlanta
  5. Wellington

Like, actually – in that order. the wellington ones were all different houses. does that count?

5 ppl i want to know more about:

  1. Melinda
  2. Kristi
  3. Lynette
  4. Janette
  5. Nikki

thanks for the op! hey! you guys still awake???


Lynette van Barrelo said...

haaa! Yeah... thanks for that! I'll post the tag post in a couple of days.

You're kind of weird huh? in a normal sort of way... BTW I feel ya expressions on the netball pics. Lots of teeth clenching and verbal outbursts... yeah, takes me back...

scrappysue said...

i was hoping to be weird in a weird kinda way...

netball rocks - so much fun.

Amanda said...

Love the pictures of the girls. I know I'll be glad when I'm out of the diaper changing stages. Then maybe I'll get to dress better.

Janette said...

I'm hit, I'm hit! LOL

Love those old pics. Oh so cute.

I will do the tag in a day or two or three! =)

Have a great day. Hugs!

Working mum said...

Thanks for that. Feel I know you better now. Your girls are lovely. Perhaps eldest liked dungarees and the others had to wear her hand-me-downs?

Mom of Three said...

Wow! FOUR! Lucky! I got to three and then I got too old. Loved every minute (okay, not every one, but most), though.

Melinda said...

Hi Sue I am working on the tag- promise. I will post soon - I think!
Love the old pics

MamaGeek said...

Congrats on all that bling and your girls are so adorable!

suesue said...

Your girls are so lovely and adorable. Can see you really loveeeee kids.