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Saturday, April 12, 2008

because you asked for it

well, melinda did actually; and because i'm a tease, i'm going to show you some other pics from that night first.

this is brett. when he dresses up, it's either in women's clothes or as a woodland creature. you can see what he went with on this occasion.
this is bob. at the start of the evening his nose was only ONE toilet roll length long; and well, it just kept getting longer and longer as the night wore on...
that's chrissy on the right. she's the one having her 50th next w/e.
no party is complete without at least TWO red riding hoods

you might recognise the rest of the scrappy chicks here

and that's me as cruella (but i'm actually really nice)

ok, so here it is. the ACTUAL VIDEO of our TURN 'waterloo' (recorded april 2004)

my lovely DH drove all the way to the electronics store today to buy a head cleaner so he could capture the video nice and clean. it's been crunched from 100MB down to 20MB, and maybe even more thru this post. i suggest you hit play, then pause and wait for it to load. nothin' worse than watching a video, feeling like you're having an epileptic fit.

and remember, dear blogger friends, that my performance is not entirely without its flaws, so be kind with your comments :)



Melinda said...

Sue that was fun! Look at you gettin your groove on. Cannot wait to see more and tell your darling husband thanks for the electronic run!
Have you picked the music for the 50th?

Melinda said...

oh by the way are these women still going to be your friends now that you have posted this? and will your husband be allowed to video the next one? HA HA

Reluctant Housewife said...

Muriel's Wedding!!!!

Loved it! You're awesome. Now you're totally my internet hero.

Anonymous said...

I am supposed to be cleaning my house for the O.H - but couldn't resist having a look!
Like you, I sat there with a big grin on my face!

Looking forward to some rock'n'roll next weekend!!

Tara x

scrappysue said...

thanks guys! have chosen music today - but total secret!!! you shall all just have to wait hehe

Amanda said...

I'm just wondering where you get all those clothes from.
I need friends like those.

Dusty Spider said...

Wowee that was great fun!! Go Girl. Flick xx

scrappysue said...

costume hire places - they LOVE US!!!

Janette said...

LOL Oh man that is so funny! I just love it. Looks like so much fun!!! Woo Hoo!

Angel Gurl said...

classic clip there!! For some reason your abba comment was in my spam queue, its now in general population hence me being a little slow to see this. So I take it you will be seeing the movie then lol

T & J & V said...

I saw your comment on Janine's blog and had to see the video myself. LOVE IT!!! Had to keep myself from laughing out loud since I am at work but thought it was fabulous. Coveting the aqua feather coat too, haha!