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Sunday, April 13, 2008

bikers, bloggers and speedy fingers

DH was re-born (in his own words) a year ago when he bought bonnie home. bonnie is a bouncing baby triumph and weighed in at an even 200kg. both father and baby are doing well.

on saturday we went for an afternoon spin. the weather has been unseasonably GORGEOUS for this time of year (autumn and a week after daylight saving ended). we had a late lunch in a country cafe then went to the lookout at the top of paekakariki hill (pronounced PIE-COCK-A-REE-KEY). go on - say it. you know you want to. now say it again. just because you can. now look over your shoulder to make sure none of your kids were listening and wondering if in fact, this time, mum has actually lost her mind...

that's looking north up state highway 1. i know that means nothing to most of you, but just thought i'd throw it out there
this is bonnie. ain't she sweet? for the purists out there. bonnie is modelled on the 1959 version but was made brand spankin' new last year. it now has a sissy bar on the back so i can hold onto it and look like a real cool biker chick.
ok, so that's not me, and i'll tell you why. when we went out i forgot the camera (never forget the camera), but DH took tara for a spin yesterday and they pretty much retraced our steps, with one exception - they took the CAMERA!!!

tara hasn't been on the back of a bike since she was 19. as you can see, she was very happy to have broken that drought!
this is a crocodile bike. in the hands of 4 squealing girls, they are impossible to steer, and the simple instruction "stay left!" is not able to be understood. they are also a huge amount of fun!

the boatsheds at oriental parade. nice huh?

thanks to amanda for yet another award!

nice to know i'm putting a smile on people's faces. i'm sure enjoying 'visiting' with y'all out there in blogland.
140 words


ok, so i used to do this for a living, but give it a go and let me know.

happy monday everyone!


Pondside said...

What a riot! I popped over after seeing your comment on my blog (thank you for the visit) and read down to the ABBA clip - loved it!! It sounds as though you'll have lots of fun on that triumph - I don't bike but I do love to roar around in my little top-down miata - second adolescence!

paula clare said...

Kia Ora Sue! (My NZ pal Helen taught me that!) Congrats on the blog awards...and the speedy fingers. I only managed 65 wpm...and, like my bowling scores, it only gets worse the longer I try! :*(

Paula Clare

melinda said...

I think my typing skills are not so good. So you are a biker chick huh? I am too chicken to get on one- heck roller skating scared me as a kid. So now you know some of my weird qualities.

THE MOM BOMB said...

Beautiful photo of the highway. And my husband would give his left testicle for a motorcycle.

So when are you going to shave your head and get a tattoo, like a real biker chick?

Amanda said...

I only got 42 words a minute. I stink.
That was a beautiful picture of the shore.
Congrats on your award. It was well deserved.

SaraLynn said...

Loved the pictures!! so beautiful there! I haven't been on a bike (any kind) in ages.....

Thanks for sharing :)

Working mum said...

I got 58 wpm with a sticky keyboard! I think that will suffice!

140 - are you telling porkies?

Reluctant Housewife said...

Fun post! Love the pictures. Love the bike! I got 64WPM. How do you get 140? Are you human?

scrappysue said...

super human lol. like the title said, speedy fingers. i kid you not. my first attempt was 186 WPM but the html screwed up and left a huge gap in the post. TRUE!

thanks for all the comments, and as for the tat - i DID consider it when i turned 40, and am seriously considering it again.

watch this space!!!

cybrpunk said...

After 3 tries, 50WPM was the best I could do. I'm just not that good at typing I suppose.

Janette said...

Gorgeous pics. Sexy bike. I want a Harley one day. One day I will be on one. Looks like fun times!

Dusty Spider said...

I only got 76 words per minute but I'll get better. Don't think I'll ever make 140 though, that's stupendously fast!! You bionic or something :-) Flick xx