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Tuesday, May 27, 2008

this and that

this is why i never made it as a removalist

i was helping tara's DH empty his warehouse when his face got in the way of a plank of wood i was carrying. he's not mad with me; i told him i was going to use this pic for my photo of the day, so he hammed it up.
i've never given anyone a black eye before - i feel terrible!
this is why i love my bloggy friends surplus to requirements scrappy supplies from the mom bomb (AND a brand spanking new WEBKINZ for my miss 10);

...and a personalised 't' from paula clare
i'm not quite sure why paula clare thinks i'm amazing, but i'll take it...
THANKS GALS!!! moocho appreciated. watch your LBs for some reciprocal bloggy lurve

this is why i'm your favourite blogger, and why you all want to be my BFFL
(stop drooling lynette - you'll short-circuit your keyboard...)
this is my old, sucky scrap space. see everything leaning?
my wire cubes were totally falling apart.
this is my new and improved scrap space

this is my reason for living
this is why i love kristi!
this is the reason i have scratches all up and down my legs
...and this is the reason i have achieved ABSOLUTELY NOTHING this week, save some laundry and feeding my family the occasional evening meal


he keeps deleting stuff...
his name is MOE (middle name hawk). not my idea! democracy sucks
long weekend coming up - YAY! queen's birthday weekend - monday off.
being a colonial has its perks...


Blossomcottage said...

Hi Scrappysue,
I have a feeling you might just like this! Great black eye and thanks for the kind comments.

Lynette van Barrelo said...

I have saliva boing-ing from my bottom lip...

Actually, we can get them here if we look for them. Some obscure convenience store will stock them and Pinkies, Pixie Caramels and Snifters and you just KNOW there is a kiwi lurking somewhere behind the scenes! Thing is though, if you are lucky enough to spy a bottle of L&P, it's always flat... =(

scrappysue said...

i don't know how L&P would go thru the post...

blossom - that was SO funny!!!

Kelly said...

Vute kitty!!! Everyone seems to have one at the moment. Our Sam wouldn't like a new addition too much ....he's an elderly scarface claw. (BTW, he got called Sam once we got him at age 2 cos I liked black sambuca and Sam was short for that - his long name being Sam Boris Nelson-Smith.....! )

And that trivia has come from the sugar high in your Buzz box. Don't blame the kids in the morning if it has disappeared cos it's far more likely I snuck in over night..... mmmmmmmm buuuuuzzz baaaaaarrrsss.

Kelly said...

ummm - I did mean "cute" LOL

Janette said...

That's some black eye! I'm glad he wasn't mad at you. =D

Love those photos and the kitty is adorable. Love his name. Moe works for him. We have a black Kitty too. I call ours "Kitty" Scatt. Yes we know what Scat means. Thus the spelling with two t's. The girls named him. He is 8 years old already.

Have a great day.

Daryl said...


Please do email me and I am happy to give you any/all advice about NYC!


gigi said...

Sorry about the black eye, ouch!

Love the new kitty baby. I have a 25lb. male "Main Coon" who's nick name is "Mo" that is short for Gizmo. He sort of grew out of his kitten name that's why he's "Mo" now.

Also, I love all your new organization. I need some of those skills real bad.

Have a nice holiday.

Amanda said...

He kind of looks like Popeye! You just need to stick a little pipe in the side of his mouth.

I need some organization as well. Maybe I'll get inspired. Or not.

Tres Chic Boutique said...

I like reading your post and I like reading your comments too {as in the ones that people leave you-- but I always like your comments to me as well :)}
I know, boring comment. Sorry.. It was a nice morning today, I went on a walk with a friend, and then about a half hour after I was home, a big wind carried in a downpour. Kind of random. But now everything looks semi-green. Definitely not your green (that would be nice), but greener than it will look this time next month. I do wish we had some NZ lush green around my yard!
That cat is so cute, by the way!

scrappysue said...

hey heather! LMK when your little package arrives. thanks for the comment - you know i love them!!!

the mama bird diaries said...

CUTE kitty.

and the black eye. that's pretty bad ass.

dot said...

Wow, you did a job on that guy! lol.
Thanks for stopping by my blog.

Trish said...

It may be sadistic, but I was LMAO that you hit your DH in the face with a plank of wood -- and that black eye. He he.

Kristi Smith said...

YOu hit him just so you could put his photo on the blog didn't you? lol

Cute kitty.

Wow, you got a bunch of loot!!!

scrappysue said...

trish - he's my girlfriend's DH - does that make it worse - i don't know! apparently it looked even worse the next day!

kristi - i'm ashamed to say, that as soon as i made sure that i hadn't blinded him forever, my thoughts moved quickly to my blog.....