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Tuesday, June 3, 2008

excitement plus

my tickets are booked!!! weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!

i was on the phone for 55 minutes and my ears were fried, but my tickets are booked!!!

anyone wanting to stalk me while i'm in the states, feel free to enlarge this photo and try and make sense of my flight details.

handwriting analysts who wish to dissect every crossed eye and dotted tee - ditto. (i know. i know. just testing to see if y'all are awake)

one of the very first people i'm going to meet when i get to NY is this lady

she is the mom bomb, and her blog is very cool. not because i win stuff on it, but because she's witty and has the gift of the online gab. she's also going to be my concert buddy, because there's going to be a 3rd person there; a threesome, you might say...

and that 3rd person is...

MADONNA!!! yep! we're seeing this chikkie in concert at madison square gardens on october 6th. my lovely blogger friend has already booked the tickets.

all that remains is for me to count down the 125 days until i leave these fair shores, travel for 24 hours, get to where i'm going before i left, go to bed before i get up and hit the streets of new york a-runnin'!!!


Amanda said...

I'm so excited you're all booked and ready to come!! I should be booking my plane tickets this week. Josh said something again last night as we went to bed, so I've really got to hop on it.


P.S. Who cares about Madonna??!! I'll be 30!!!

Melinda said...

Oh I wanna meet you in NY. And I wanna go see Madonna- I think the last Madonna concert I went to was in like 1987- wow that was a long time ago! So are you coming in to St Louis? Let me know if I can be of service to ya!

gigi said...

I am so envious!! I so want to go to NY. It's just not the right timing for me, but yall are going to have a blast!!

THE MOM BOMB said...

Woo-hoo! I'm equally excited, although I have to say, if Madonna ever met me, she would bitch-slap me for being such a boring, bourgeois, Target-shopping suburban babe. With bad arms.

Dusty Spider said...

Wow! What a lovely thing to look forward to. You'll be enjoying it from now on, goodness knows how excited you'll be when you get there. Be sure to take pics for us. Flick xx

scrappysue said...

huh! madonna should be so lucky to meet us lol

melinda - kristi suggested that i book my tickets from NY to st louis (which i did) coz it's not as far to collect me from her place, although i think she offered you up to collect me!

my only problem now is that i have booked to LEAVE from STL when we actually be in KC!

i need to change that, but kristi said to wait until we see what lynette's itinerary looks like.

upshot - it looks like you will DEF be of some service to me - pretty please!!!!!

Reluctant Housewife said...

Wow... I'm starting to feel so jealous of all you NYC goers... Oh well... I wish you all a great time.

Happy thoughts... happy thoughts. Lalala.

And Mom Bomb... Madonna's a suburban mom now too... I don't think she's going to slap you. If she does, I'm sure you can band together and take her down.

Have fun!

scrappysue said...

mel you should come to NY too! i was talking to amanda yesterday and she's really keen for you to come! can ya swing it?

when ru seeing madonna???

hope u feel better soon! hugs

Tres Chic Boutique said...

HOLY CRAP! I am so jealous! I wish money grew on trees (and willing overnight babysitters)-- if that were the case, I pluck me a bunch and come visit too. I bet those tix to Madonna (umm or the airfare) were a pretty penny :) Well like I said, I wish I was there to meet all of you. I guess, if it turns out you are all psychos then I will be okay with not meeting you... hahahahaha. No really, sounds like I am truly missing out. And I could be seeing my sis too... hmm (me sadly frowning). On the upside, I keep telling my uncle who hates leaving home to send me to NZ with his wife... yeah, maybe some day that would happen!
Hey, if any of you other bloggers read this, will you go to my blog and leave me a comment regarding your feelings for blogging, your favorite blogging-helps sites (like backgrounds, plugs, whatever). Thanks!
Thanks, Sue, for knowing so many people and not deleting this for me shamelessly asking for their help :)
Oh yeah, and Madonna, she is kind of crazy and I don't love all her stuff, but that woman is amazing and what I do like, I LOVE. She is in my category of classics, you know, the cd's that are timeless in your collection, that you always go back to, year after year. The one I listen to very most is Something to Remember. Then Ray of Light. Her music is so different! Meaning one album can be completely different than another.
Anyway, have a great night (day?) and thanks again for your help!

Mom of Three said...

Madonna--isn't she British?

If, for some reason, you find yourself diverted to the northernmost coast of Oregon, let me know!

I have never been to NY, it's been a dream to go and just stand there and look at all those billboards and taxis.

Have fun!

scrappysue said...

thanks for the comments heather! it would be so cool if u could come here AND NY too! i'm using DH's airpoints - he has a trillion - all that time he spends away in auckland! there has to be a plus side. where's your sister? i could go say hi for you!

Janette said...

Madonna???? Oh you lucky girl! I'm so jealous. If I didn't have to save to pay for a wedding I would love to see her in concert. BUT hey I get to see you in KC so that's even better! Woo Hoo!

scrappysue said...

being compared to madonna - it's only 7.37am and my day is already complete janette!!!.

Susan said...

How exciting, going to be a good time.

Hong Kong Muse said...

Hi, Sue!

Things are hectic here, but I still get by to check out your site periodically...I've just been a poor commenter.

We are moving back to St. Louis and will be there in October if you'd like to have a get together. That would be so cool to see you twice in the same year and on different sides of the earth!

We can hash out the details later, but keep in touch!

Bye for now!

Kelly said...

Ok - I'm jealous!!!

...........I'm sure I could fit into a small bag.... LOL