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Saturday, June 21, 2008

happy winter solstice to you all

unless of course you live in the northern hemisphere, in which case i wish you all a lovely long hot summer.

(says she freezing her tucas off - not at all jealous!!!)


Lynette van Barrelo said...

Is it cold over there in Wgtn? Who'da thunk!


Dusty Spider said...

I wish it was summer here in the northern hemisphere. The summer solstice has proved a very wet, cold day. Looks sunnier where you are! Flick x

Melinda said...

I am in the minority of folks here that loves winter and the more snow the better, I say. I am NOT a hot, humid weather lover! Actually I do love that we have all 4 seasons here, but summers in the midwest are my least favorite- now put me by a beach and I love summer!

Sass E-mum said...

Having spent the longest day at a midsummer night's dream wedding, I have to say I'm a summertime gal.

It takes a lot to beat baby girls running across manicured lawns in the prettiest dresses at 10 in the evening... oh and then falling deeply asleep while the party goes on around them.

lukabella said...

I am melting in the high 90's. California weather, I have a love hate relationship with it.

Reluctant Housewife said...

Yeah, happy solstice n' all. Winter/summer... Same diff', right?