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Friday, June 27, 2008

photostory friday

Hosted by Cecily and MamaGeek
this is my first photostory friday, so hey cecily, hey mamageek
... it's nice to be playing!

i finished the week the same way i started - leaving the house at 7.45am in the rain. walked miss 11 to the train and carried on my way.

having committed to walk 5 times in 5 days, i'm very happy to have completed this little challenge to msyelf! yesterday's walk was in much sunnier conditions and we started at a spot that is literally 5 minutes from my house, that i didn't even know existed! almost 25 years i've lived in wellington and i didn't know this was here!

we walked through the bush and came out at the girls' guide headquarters, smack bang in the middle of the confidence course. there was nothing to it of course, but to walk the high ropes!
i would have been much steadier on my feet if i hadn't gotten half way out, thought it would be a good idea for tara to take a picture of me; walked backwards, balanced on one hand, gingerly removed my camera from my pocket, stretched out and handed it to her!
i stuck my leg out just for fun.
it would have served me right if i'd lost my balance and fallen in the creek...

then it was tara's turn

these are ominously called 'the steps'. there are 205 of them. see that speck of sunlight to the right of tara? that's the top!
and looking back. many down, many to go.
it actually only takes a couple of minutes! so good for the bum and such a relief to get to the top!
that's miss 10's primary school (the two red buildings). it's such a sweet sound hearing the kids outside playing at lunchtime. i love listening to their squeals of joy. complete abandon. no responsibilities!
after a very hurried dinner and pick up from drama class, it was off to miss 10's keyboard concert. these events are very cute, in that each child plays one or two pieces of music, each lasting approximately 7 seconds each.

they introduce themselves and the first piece. we clap. they bow. we clap. they play. we clap. they introduce the 2nd piece. we clap. they play again. we clap.very cute.

not so cute is the obligatory supper of store bought chocolate crap that the kids hoover in 90 seconds flat. not only did i not buy or make anything, i told miss 10 that we would be leaving IMMEDIATELY after the concert, ie - NO SUPPER!!!

she complained. i held firm. the world didn't end. did i mention this is at 8 o'clock at night? sheesh. the whole supper idea is completely superfluous. enough already.


Melinda said...

Sue awesome that you reached the goal you set for yourself this week- nice to have a good friend to do it with as well.

Amanda said...

I wish I had a set of stairs like that to climb. Your town looks like such a great place to live.

Jacki said...

Congratulations! And thank you for sharing the photos...I enjoy looking at photos from around the world.

The Apron Queen said...

Phew! I'm tired just looking at all those steps!

Pop over & see my interview with a diva, Miss Dragonfly:

Sass E-mum said...

That confidence course looks like so much fun. Fantastic butt shaping steps. Good to see you are getting sunshine too.

Working mum said...

Hey, you joined in PSF! So did wobbling on the wires increase your confidence, then?
btw Agree totally about the chocolate supper thing.

Trish said...

I agree with Amanda -- your town does look like a great place to live. New Zealand is definitely one of those places I'd like to visit one day.

Chris Osborne said...

That looks like a great walk.

And good job holding your ground. Kids don't need food with everything. Unless they're college kids, but that's different.

MamaGeek said...

I am so glad you are playing PSF; this was perfection. That walk is nothing short of LOVELY wrapped in serene!

hotmamabeads said...

I agree. Once at the end of a school concert the music teacher reminded everyone to "take your child out for ice cream!". I could have throttled her.

Tiaras & Tantrums said...

wow - love that - really beautiful - I HATE STEPS!!!!!!!!!!!
good for you!

gigi said...

What a beautiful place you and how lucky you are to have such a wonderful hiking place.

That's neat that you have been to Stone MT. so many times.

paula clare said...

New Zealand is a veritable wonderland of cool places to go (run, walk, jump and ride)I AM SO jealous! I live in the flatlands of the Midwest U.S. What a FAB (FLAB in my case) way to stay in shape!

Party on dude(s) :-)

Kellan said...

What a fabulous place you live in!

Hope you have a good weekend - see you - Kellan

carrie & troy keiser said...

Interesting trail..... the rope would have been a challenge!

Cecily R said...

Oh, this made me want to throw packing and moving out the window and go for a hike!!

Great pictures, and congratulations for making your goal!

FAB PSF. Thanks so much for playing!!

Kristi Smith said...

That tight rope thingy looks scary. ;)

I have some similar pics of stairs I took while wearing too high of heels!!!

Susan said...

That is alot of steps!

Robyn said...

What a great find. I could use a few steps.

Kelly said...

:) reading the bit about the sounds of school.... I get to hear that too... it IS such a great sound. Makes you happy, it does.