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Tuesday, June 17, 2008

ten on tuesday

1. i just got home from another root canal. i know - don't even go there.

2. i was going to walk to said root canal, because as we all know - exercise goes so well with dental pain and suffering, but it's cold and wet and windy and it was foggy too, so i wimped out.

3. besides, i was booking tickets for miss 11 to spend a few days with my folks in christchurch during the next school holidays which start on july 4th. tara and i are also flying down for the night to bring her home. staying with my parents involves long waits for their single bathroom, and a showering experience that feels like you're being peed on. it means two tvs on at the same time at 100+ decibels because my dad's going deaf, but it also means being waited on hand and foot and on-tap home baking for africa. the latter far outweigh the former.

4. miss 16's school band 'flamingo pink' survived the heats of 'rockquest' and compete in the regional final on saturday night.

5. these arrived from the mom bomb today! i finally won one of her spring giveaways - thanks paula! i am putting together a little something for you guys too!

6. when my anaesthetic wears off, i will be eating this...

doesn't look like much, but don't be fooled. i'd sell my kids before i'd let them eat the last piece.

7. i was given two free tickets to a one-woman theatre show called 'my brilliant divorce' and i'm taking my friend michelle on thursday night.

8. the kathmandu sale starts on thursday!!!

9. i had made tonight's dinner by 8.30am this morning. don't be too impressed - it was really simple.

10. only 109 days until i fly out to NEW YORK!!!!!


gigi said...

Can believe you did all that and had a root canal too. You are an amazing woman!

Reluctant Housewife said...

Congrats on the earrings. They're really nice.

Oh and PS: I had another brain fart re: You living in winter while I'm in summer - I was surprised that you're kids are in school now... Buddy just had his last day before summer break on Wednesday. I'm shockingly slow about all of this... I'm catching up, though.