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Monday, June 30, 2008

wooo hooooot wednesday - elective week

a happy wet woo hoooot wednesday to you all!!!

- twice a year at the local intermediate elective week is held. 5 days of non-school work fun activities; sports, field trips and a multitude of crafts. i've been volunteering for elective week since 2001. i even showed up for the past 5 years when i didn't have any children there!

my elective is usually 'personalised greeting cards', although last year i did two back to back sessions of greeting cards and paper bag albums. this year i totally ramped the whole thing up with a half day 'crafting extravaganza!!!!"; button ornaments, mini tag albums, greeting cards and decorated tins.

14 willing 10, 11 and 12 year olds, most of whom are girls, however this week there are 3 boys workin' their crafty mojo. i'm always blown away by how motivated the group are, and how little direction they need. there's always a small group of girls who totally 'get' the craft and i love showing them lots of little extra fun ideas and techniques.

working backwards, today saw a little paper piecing action...

and concertina albums.

for this 'lefty', trying to remember how to put this album together totally challenged my right brain. tara was there to help, but as a fellow left hander, it was like the lefty leading the blind! as you can see, we got there in the end.yesterday they made decorated tins. for some, the term 'less is more' is a foreign concept lol...
some pretty cool designs there monday they powered through mini tag albums,
...AND button ornaments!

this girl had NO INSTRUCTION WHATSOEVER as to colour, tone or composition.

pretty cool huh?

don't they look amazing? they took them home on the first day and i was totally bummed when the principal came by early the next day to see what they'd created and we had nothing to show him!

at the morning break on the first day, miss 11 (who i forbid from taking my elective!) was talking to one of her friends who's in my group and she told my her that 'your mum's elective is AWESOME!!!!' (yay).

i won these at the fundraiser we went to on saturday night. YAY!!!

and i was awarded THIS today by daryl!!!

i will be passing it on after due consideration

tonight i'm heading out to see miss 10 at stage challenge. like rockquest, stage challenge gives school age children the chance to perform on stage, whilst promoting a 100% drug and alcohol free lifestyle.

two children from each performance group host or represent their school and are interviewed on stage before their performance. guess whose child is speaking tonight????? i always knew that loud voice of hers was going to come in handy one day!!!


Angel Gurl said...

Wow those kids are powering through the electives, awesome job there Sue. More so with being a lefty and doing the concertina album ( I am a righty and struggle with the idea full stop). Love the girls button ornament featured. Congrats on winning the hamper there and have fun tonight.

Anonymous said...

wow there is a lot there.... love the goodies you won, have fun tonight, and good on you for doing these electives... I loved them when I went to Raroa many, many years ago.... I remember them so well , as well as woodwork, metalwork, cooking and sewing. See you are getting your blog back to normal...

gigi said...

Man, I want to come play with you! Those crafts look so wonderful and colorful and fun. You sure are a super mom!

gigi said...
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gigi said...
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Susan said...

I want to go to elective week! It looks like so much fun.

I'm a righty but my daughter is a lefty--it's challenging for me to teach her some things (like crochet, for instance).

Melinda said...

Crafty Sue was on the move- great stuff for the kids! Those button bouquets are just so dang cute- loved them when you posted them a couple months ago and still love them!

scrappysue said...

susan - my grandma ended up teaching me to knit AND crochet coz my mother didn't have the patience for it! apparently using a mirror is the go!?!