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Friday, July 18, 2008

blogher - but not as we know it

one strangely lush mum (sass) has decided that if she can't get to blogher, then she will bring blogher to her! (well, sort of). a virtual blogher if you will.

she asked her readers to post a pic of ourselves, imagining we were at Blogher. would we be wallfowers, guru key note speakers, nervous drinkers, loud talkers, quivering wrecks or hyperactive and full of excitment?

put me down for the latter, in ANY new and fun situation - hellooooooooooo!!!

her post got me thinking though. as women, we naturally compare ourselves, and before you know it, we've created a hierachy of who's 'good' and 'great'. i've seen it with scrapbooking. we all started out making memory albums because we cherish our family photos and memories.

fast forward a few years and scrapbooking has now become 'art'. we have 'hall of famers' and design teams. it's a multi-million dollar industry and we pay someone who we've somehow deemed a scrapbook 'celebrity' to show us how it's done. yes, it's a great way to be inspired and to network with likeminded souls, and i have been to several of these classes, but somewhere along the way, we decided that one woman's scrapbooking/layout/album is better than our own. "you're so good - i could never do that". "it takes me hours just to make ONE layout!" and so it goes on.

to me, what i create scrapbooking i liken to baby photos. everyone ought to think theirs is the cutest, the smiliest, the most colourful. the only one who should like your work is you - just as it is.

it's the same with blogging. we've already decided that someone else's blog (other than our own) is more fabulous, more fun. she writes better, she's thought-provoking, she's a great photographer etc etc etc.

well, our blogs are our own. we want to share (that's why we have blogs) and if you like my blog - then good. great even. i have made some WONDERFUL friends in the 5 months i've been blogging. i've met two already, and i'm meeting a whole bunch more in october - IN NEW YORK - 10,000+ miles from where i now sit!

so before you go comparing yourself to a 'fabulous' or 'famous' blogger - remember we are ALL fabulous and famous, and i like you - just as you are! (name that movie)

now - on with the celebrations!

here's a pic of me with some groovy chicks i met at the bar during the friday night mix and mingle. those yellow drinks are yummy and sweet and go down a treat
this is me much later at the friday night mix and mingle after too many of those yummy yellow drinkies
and here's me and another fabulous chickie outside at the impromptu 'be-like-an-angel' photo shoot. (note i didn't say "be like a charlie", coz if you drink too many of the yummy yellow drinkies you will generally have that covered anyway)
happy virtual blogher!


Sass E-mum said...

Love those photos. I think you were born to scrap... and to blog. Great post and delighted to see you at virtual Blogger.

auntiegwen said...

I like the sound of your nights out ! It looks great craic

gigi said...

You are just to cute! Enjoy your crazy virtual weekend!

Melinda said...

You are so correct- blog, scrap or do whatever you do because it is for you and if someone does not like it they do not have to look!
Hey Sue did you have such a great time with the yummy yellow drinks that you manged to loose the striped shirt and end up with the red one- HA HA! I kid- glad you had a fun night out.

The Apron Queen said...

I don't get to go to BlogHer either. Pour me one of those yummy yellow drinks, would ya?

Stop by for our latest adventure:

Carrie and Troy Keiser said...

I totally agree with you on this post!

Sarah Brooks said...

Too, too funny. I love the angel shot!

Trish said...

Sue -- you are so FUN! I used to be fun and don't know what happened. I wish you could bottle who you are and sell it. I'd buy it by the dozens.

paula clare said...

Ah my dear friend Sue. YOU, DEAR WOMAN, are NOT right in the head...but that's why I love you! What a great post! And yes, I'll add my therapeutic 2 cents and say that the trouble with our self image begins the day we begin to compare ourselves to others, instead of being grateful for the wonderful "concoction" we have been created to be.


(Odd, I never reckoned myself to be a cheerleader type, but alas, it is what I have come to be!)

Killlashandra said...

At least you're still smiling after all those yummy drinks. :)

scrappysue said...

ah melinda - you were the only one to notice! i DID think about posting something like after having my coyote ugly moment of dancing on (then falling off) the bar, that i had to go change my shirt!!!

Helen E.M. Wright said...

Good post!!! Makes me want to come back!!!!

Threeundertwo said...

I noticed the shirt! Funny pics.

I just followed you over here from a comment and I absolutely agree with your point of view.

I don't scrap, but I quilt, and although I love my quilts and people ask me about it, I never will enter a competition. They're just for me, and I want to keep that focus or they'll stop being fun. It's the same with my blog. It's for me. Anyone who wants to can go read it but it's my art, for me.

Radical act? Maybe yes.

Don Mills Diva said...

Those are fun photos - you guys are sooo Charlie's Angels.