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Wednesday, July 9, 2008

wooo hooooot wednesday

it's that day again! miss 10 and i drove miss 11 to the airport this morning. she's spending 5 days being spoilt in christchurch with my parents. i think she was quite keen to see the back of us! (you know how these tweenies get sick of their families lol).
that arrow is pointing to the end of the runway. you don't so much land at wellington airport as get dumped on the tarmac. i love watching out-of-towners peering nervously out the window waiting for the rocks and concrete to appear. it's funny. it's all water at the other end of the runway too. landing here is a unique experience to say the least (think easter island except the other way around).

this is another view from where i was standing

after we dropped off miss happy, miss 10 and i went out for brekky, then hit the stores for some retail therapy. here she is modelling some of her new kit. the shoes were 50% off - oh yeah!!!

at brekky i discovered that all the coloured pencils they supply for the kids were blunt, so i popped next door and grabbed a pencil sharpener and we sharpened all the pencils. before i left, the waitress came over and gave me two giant pieces of fudge i had been admiring earlier! i can report it tastes as good as it looked!
i thought i was doing this card for 2sketches4you, but when i went to email it to them, i realised it was for the wrong blog and i can't remember which blog it's for! ah well, at least i got crafty which is the main thing.
i have also been scrapbooking today - YAY!!! almost finished a layout for paper pesto and will hopefully get to work on one for #8 wired; and yes, i will post when done.


Mandyb said...

great wahoo hoots..... good on you for sharpening the pencils = it's the little things.... and love the sunset pics too mandyb

Angel Gurl said...

Great list there Sue, love that card.50% of shoes is a real deal. Whoo hoot at that fudge, good karma there.

Daryl said...

Oh love the card ... and Miss 10 looks at least 11 and a half in that cool get up!


Katney said...


Flying into Juneau, Alaska you come in through a valley with steep foothills to mountaisn on either side. Freaky don't watch or you'll need the little bag sort for sure of stuff.

Melinda said...

Dig the new shoes Miss 10 and I am sure Mum dug the half off price!!
I commend you and the daughter for the good deed at breakfast and you see no good deed goes unrewarded- hence the fudge!!

gigi said...

Once again beautiful pictures.
I think that landing at the San Francisco airport is that kind of scary too. Hope miss 11 has a great holiday.

Tres Chic Boutique said...

I hope to be landing at the airport someday... that will be fun! Once again, beautiful scenics!