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Wednesday, August 13, 2008

wooo hooooot wednesday

wednesday already - and the sun is shining!!!

- went for an eye test yesterday. i can report that i don't have glaucoma (my number was 13, and anything under 20 is good) and i DON'T NEED GLASSES! miss 18, who was absolutely convinced i would - on the other hand, needs reading glasses (to go with her distance glasses).

- volunteered at the blood service today

- scrapped three layouts this week; two of them taking less than an hour! this one's for the latest kiwi jack me up challenge, and i'm REALLY happy with it!

- wooo hooooot to mandy for the scalloped note paper and wooo hoooot to janine for lending me her scallop border so i could make a template.
- this one's for the latest aussie scrapjacked; (love the pic)
- and then this one for the latest paper pesto sketch challenge!
- very much enjoying having the olympics on the telly in the background (and quietly confident about our rowers)

- going to a late night quiz at the paramount movie theatre tommorow night. a movie themed quiz - HEAVEN!

- going on a date with DH on saturday night (dinner and theatre);

- and finally, a big WOO HOOOOOT to all the raroa and onslow students that take the train every day; who had to be fairly dedicated to get to school today! as i write this, the path is closed, and the only way home is the alternate station exit - up the 205 steps!

a gajillion inches of rain'll do that...


MamaGeek said...

Wow, I am SO seriously impressed with your scrapping talent. I'm over a year behind. FOR REAL.

I need you for 8 hours to git-r-done!

Anonymous said...

Great layouts Sue! Got your entry down for the sketch challenge. Thanks! Kate

Angel Gurl said...

I like the changes to your blog Sue. You have been a scrapping machine woman. Have fun at the quiz. Well done on the eye test thats fab. I loved that we had sun today cos the weather people said rain all week.

auntiegwen said...

Hey, snow sun and rain all in a week ? Just like Scotland !

Enjoy your quiz and your date !

gigi said...

Wow, I want a week like yours! I can't wait to get active again. Your pages are great!

Robyn said...

Very nice layouts. I love the middle one with all the squares.

jacqui jones said...

nice your jack entry