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Wednesday, August 20, 2008

wooo hooooot wednesday

i love wednesdays. it's a day so full of promise; half way through the week, with the promise of a fabulous weekend just around the corner!
  • treated myself to one of these the other day. well, not this EXACT one. i had white chocolate mud cake, but it was as tasty as this one
  • have a job interview on friday (postponed from today - the dude's sick!). i have decided to take on some temp work in an attempt to get a foot in the door and some 21st century paid work experience under my belt!
  • scrapped this. i can fish, and it's a great workout for the arm muscles when you get dragged around the boat by a giant stingray!
  • went to a late-night quiz at the paramount last thursday - on my own! ended up in a team made up of others who had come on their own. i thought i was a bit of a movie buff, but i bowed in the shadow of their movie buffness! we came 5th out of 20 teams and i plan to go again this week!
  • my first born turns 19 on monday! we are having a family dinner on sunday night at masala, one of her favourite restaurants.
  • you may have noticed my fabulous blog makeover! i won it at the recent bloggy giveaway from sheila! please go say hi to her when you get the chance. thanks sheila!
  • this is my 160th post! (i really should get out more lol)
  • scrapped this too
  • still loving the olympics, and SO PROUD of our athletes!
  • and speaking of the olympics, i'm participating in the sketchbook olympics. here's my warm-up challenge - a layout about me representing the flag of togo. i just couldn't go past the togolese white water kayaker who won his country's first ever olympic medal.
happy wednesday!


Kelly said...

You've changed your look again! Like it :)

....and somehow I have a feeling I know where you've been to get that cupcake..... I bet it was gorgeous as that picture looks!

MamaGeek said...

That cupcake winked at me! Love the new blog design Sue.

Angel Gurl said...

great list Sue and thats why Wednesday is my fav day of the week. So you were "tempted" then lol. The cupcake looks great. Good luck for the interview on Friday, tell you what I will go to your interview if you will go to my dentist appt lol? No?

Mandyb said...

had wondered re your blog changing , and also wondered who Sheila was (another name i saw under your contributer bit) yah for your list, and actually I'm a fan of Wednesday's too - sadly though thursdays are usually hell with our children so dont look forward to them!!!!

auntiegwen said...

Good luck with the job interview.

Please explain why you always look so slim but there is often cake around ?

Another little thing to puzzle me with ... xxx

Christon said...

i love to scrap book ... i just can never find the time... yours look great!