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Tuesday, October 14, 2008

i heart new york!

i'm posting (for the first time in a week!) from the kitchen table of the mom bomb. because i'm too lazy to put in the link, you can find her (and all other bloggers i mention in the next few lines), in my left hand side bar.

i left my heart (and a good deal of money and footprints) in new york! i have had the most amazing time and met and seen a huge array of interesting (and famous!) people.

things i have seen and done (in no particular order) are:

the sex and the city tour
walked the brooklyn bridge and eaten pizza at grimaldi's
eaten at the hard rock cafe
been to dylan's candy store
eaten at burger joint
shopped at filene's basement, daffy's and century 21
mountain biked through central park
taken the staten island ferry at sunset
been to the top of the rockefeller centre
been to chinatown
been to little italy
been to the donut plant
eaten cupcakes and bagels
been to grand central station
been to ground zero
been to macys and bloomingdales
been to the disney store (and HBO too!)
been to times square (several times)
seen THREE (count 'em) broadway shows
been to two movies
been to tiffany's (didn't seen anything i liked)
danced on the piano at FAO schwartz
been to a flea market and street fair
ridden the subway (countless times!)
ridden the M104
seen madonna in concert
eaten in the west village
met blogger amanda (and non-blogging josh!)
met blogger paula
met blogger daryl
met blogger kelcey
seen richard griffiths (uncle vernon in harry potter)
seen lisa bonet (ex-cosby kid, now starring in new tv show "life on mars")
seen 'gossip girl' filming in brooklyn
taken 478 photos (SO FAR!)
which i will upload when i get home - sorry! (well, not ALL of my photos, but a select few). between myself and amanda, we don't want to OD you on new york.
the only other thing i will say before i sign off, is that it was such a pleasure to meet amanda's hubby josh, who is the perfect gentleman. he WILL NOT let a woman in his presence pay for anything, and during the two days i spent with them, he allowed me to get the tip (for meals) just once!
he is such a sweetie and deserves special mention (even tho he gave me a hard time about my appalling sense of direction!)
heading off to st louis and kansas on wednesday for my girls' weekend.
will blog again when i can!


Amanda said...

I'm so glad to hear from you!! And I am so excited that you were still able to have so much fun even without us there. It was so much fun for us to hang out with you and I hope that it won't be too long before we can all hang out again!! I can't wait to see the pics. You and Paula don't have too much fun without me.

gigi said...

How in the world have you kept up with all those amazing things??? You have done so much since you have been here! I'm so happy that things have gone so well for you and all those you have met and been with. Can't wait to see pictures of all that fun. Continue to enjoy and be safe.

auntiegwen said...

What a busy wee scone you are ! Some of them I did on my visit but I stupidly went with a man who hates shopping so sadly that part of my NY experience was sadly lacking !

Hope you're still having a great time xx

Sass E-mum said...

Sounds like you are having an incredible time. It's great reading everyone's own account of New York.

I'm so impressed with how many bloggers (and non-blogging Josh) you've met.

Angel Gurl said...

wow you were so busy.