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Wednesday, November 12, 2008

wooo hooooot wednesday - it's a tag!

my wooo hooooo's a tag this week. two actually. (that lengthy 'things i can't do' one that will have to wait!) so, tagged by mandy for 7 random facts. (i'm suddenly feeling rather boring!)

1 - i went to a summer garden party at buckingham palace in 1981. i knew i was travelling to the uk so i wrote to the queen asking if i could come! the chancellor of the exchequor (i think) wrote back and said yes! we even got called 'colonials' by some toff. at the time i was most offended, but now i just think it's hilarious. i was 18 in this pic.
2 - i have a school report from 1973 (ish) that says 'susan does well despite her handicap' (can you imagine writing that now!?!?!) asthma of course was my terrible affliction, which made completing my first duathlon all the sweeter.

this photo's from the halloween themed duathlon back in 2005. i think i'd done a couple at this stage. you might recognise some of the 'support' runners

3 - i fell off THIS bike into our rose bushes. i think i was around 4 (same age as i was in this pic). i STILL have the scar on my knee
4 - when i'm driving around town, i recognise my friends by their licence plate rather than looking at who's driving! i know the licence plates of all my close friends by heart and can pretty much remember the licence plate of every car i've/we've ever owned. i'm a bit of a trainspotter like that.

5 - my first 3 daughters were born on consecutive days (friday, saturday and sunday)

6 - i like even numbers better than odd ones

7 - i'm obssessed with quiz shows. i just love them. (did i ever mention that?)

also tagged by reluctant with the '4' tag:

Four places I go over and over: miss 10's school, cafe du parc, the supermarket and singing lessons/drama/band/guides/insert appropriate child's activity here.....

Four people who e-mail me regularly: dr phil, oprah - oh, you mean people that know me??? daryl, she always replies to my comments; at the moment my friend karen who's the 'buck' for miss 12's school gala. i'm organising ALL the food with tara; my mum and my scrapmates. let's not forget blogger, even tho their blogroll is public enemy #1!!!

Four of my favourite places to eat: masala (indian), cafe du parc, wagamama and uncle chang's.

Four places you'd rather be: back in new york, relaxing with my book and a red wine, in brunswick with amanda and that amazing place where emily falconbridge just went - krabi. don't know where that is, but it looks like heaven on earth!

Four TV shows I could watch over and over: Sex and the City, will and grace, friends and ER.

ok, now for the torture. i going to tag a couple of NEW people that i don't have on my blogroll, but whose blogs i have been visiting regularly every friday as part of PSF. this will separate my wannabe new blog friends from those who never want to hear from me again!

kary at creating chaos one day at a time; and
hannah at that girl

happy wednesday people!


Hannah Noel said...

Dang, I hate these things. lol.

Angel Gurl said...

oh nice outfit to go see the queen in.....looks very posh.

auntiegwen said...

I had the same hair when I was 18 !!! I have to say, you look much better now !

Go you for the duathlon, huge dedication involved ( my ex is a triathlete)

I love your tv shows too

Melinda said...

cool list colonial

Kristi Smith said...

Love that photo, I think that is very cool that you got to go. Seriously, how many people get to do that!?!?!

nice randomness

Sass E-mum said...

That's an excellent way to get an invitation. By the way, my mum asked for a tour of No 10 Downing Street when friends from Poland came to visit. She got it too. Sometimes you just have to ask.

Love your Duathlon photo.

Elizabeth said...

I do the same thing with license plates! Here in Missouri, we are all getting new plates that are AWFUL. They don't spell anything. For example, my friend's old one is something like 123YNK. I can remember the "YNK" because it makes me think of Yankee. But the new ones are letter, letter, number, letter, number, letter. So it would be DT9Q3C. And that's not easy to invent words to go along with! My old plates had ELB, which was almost Elizabeth (my name). Sooo easy! Now it bites.
Glad to know someone else has a weird thing for license plates. :)

mandyb said...

nice bike and nice outfit you wore to see the queen. thanks for playing- great list

Amanda said...

Please do come visit!! That would be fabu! Sorry it took me so long to get this comment up. I've been a little slow at the blog reading. That picture of you at the garden party is pretty funny. Must have been the 80's.

Also that picture of you on the bike looks so much like Sue Jr, miss 17.