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Wednesday, November 5, 2008

wooo hooooot wednesday

the kau kau challenge fun and food fiesta was held on sunday in brilliant sunshine and i won this basket of goodies in the silent auction. it's full of wine and infused oil and chocolate and olives (yuck) and spiced peppers (yum) and chocolate. did i say chocolate? kau kau is the mountain that tara and i are always walking up. scrapped this last week:
we now have TWO restricted drivers in the house. miss 19 sat and passed on monday. with any luck, my days of dashing to the supermarket for ONE THING are OVER!!!
was awarded this by mean moody middle-aged mom (she isn't really. she's lovely!) she tagged me too, but that's a whole other post. i've been tagged this week, almost as many times as i've been awarded stuff!
i got boo-ed! (in a good way) by one of my PSF friends alisha. cute isn't it?
and this from elizabeth, another PSFer
thanks ladies!

nothing like a little bloggy love to get a gal through the middle of the week!

went to pub quiz fundraiser on sunday night and won! going to another pub quiz THIS sunday too! - for miss 10's school. (did i ever mention i love quizzes?)

we have a billet this week (through miss 12's school). we went to the zoo yesterday. it was very blustery but still fun. i got some great shots of the giraffe!

i'm going on an event management course today.

going to another quiz this sunday. did i mention i love quizzes?

happy wednesday!


Angel Gurl said...

Great list, had a giggle at the quiz comments. I had heard a rumour.....

auntiegwen said...

Congrats to miss 19, I am dreading the day when eldest beautiful daughter can learn !

Amanda said...

Pub quizes sound way fun. Congrats to miss 19 on the drivers liscense. I am tempted to go into mommy mode, 'go very slow', 'you can't control other drivers', 'be careful' but I'm sure you covered all of that.
Hope you did well at your class. You are going to be the best event manager ever!!

Reluctant Housewife said...

Wow! Congratulations on all the winning and awards. Couldn'a happened to nicer girl :)