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Tuesday, December 30, 2008

christmas debrief

here's our first christmas away from the house in around 10 years - rated - with pictures...

happiness at sharing our 'cookies for santa' tradition with family.....

6 icing knives happy
cavities required if you dare eat these...

more than my husband's retirement is worth
how much the neighbours loved my sister-in-law and her hubs (pictured) hosting christmas eve carols in their barn
well, let's just say they've been welcomed into the bosom of the neighbourhood

the kids even got into the act. check out the manger. that's a 50 year old doll lent by one of the neighbourhood's "founding family's"
cute rating of miss 6?


(not my child/christmas miracle, but my husband's niece)
i wish i had a fireplace *sigh*
the fun we had with these 2...

miss 12 has always been scared of dogs, but took to lottie (left) instantly. lottie lives in wellington in an apartment and until 3 weeks prior had never seen grass (which is why he pees on the gravel). lottie took to 'doggie boot camp' with gusto. you may recognise ed from my very first blog post
there she is again! (before she ended up wearing half a hay barn)
coffee and champagne. the ONLY way to start christmas morning (well, any morning for that matter)
3 guesses which one of my idiot children is under this santa sack...
my BIL. his christmas hams are legendary
almost as legendary as his musical knowledge and guitar collection

how much i loved receiving not one, but TWO pieces of jewellery for christmas this year

A LOT!!! anklet from the hubs to show off new tattoo and gold hoop earrings from miss 19

yay me.

cousins. they all used to live here in wellington, so enjoyed hanging out for a few days
hubs agreed to be santa. AGAIN. i think he would have been happy to let someone else dish out the presents. given that there was like - a TONNE of them and he had to wait until the end to open his!
AND they have a pool table. with a little practice, i am QUITE the pool sharp.
this is stewart the lamb. he's very friendly. we had his cousin sooty for dinner boxing day. he was good eatin' too
sadly, a visit to the country shows up my CITY girls for the, well, city girls they are.
nature! it's all over me! get it off!
no kiwi christmas lunch would be complete without a game of cricket later in the afternoonplease don't be too impressed. i totally suck at sports. especially ones that involve hitting a ball (of any size)
this is bruce. he used to be a paparazzi photographer in london. he's now a plumber in the hawkes bay. he's acutely aware that one vocation adds way more to the planet than the otherisn't it idyllic? i could have stayed forever...
consider this also as my happy new year to you all too!

here's hoping that 2009 is all that you plan it to be


Debra (a/k/a Doris, Mimi) said...

I enjoyed your Christmas photo montage, Sue. It's still weird to see you outdoors in summer attire, green grass, and playing outdoor games in the dead of WINTER! It's cold again here, hence the reason for my sarcasm. Will you please pass the ham? It looks heavenly good!

Daryl said...

What great fun ... its just too weird to think about celebrating Christmas in the heat of summer .. tho it was in the 60s this weekend .. so ...

Happy New Year .. to a wonderful, healthy, happy, prosperous one for us all

kiwi animal lover said...

hi sue!!!!

i love the look of those christmas cookies!!!!!! :) thanx again 4 helping me make my blog!!!!!!!
kiwi animal lover

Rachel said...

What a beautiful place . . .and THOSE COOKIES!!! OMG -- I could eat all of those.

I love the barn singing -- it looks like so much fun. :)

Kristi Smith said...

Looks like a great time!!! Love the photos, the cookies look yum!!!

Your BIL's shirt is . . . um . . . interesting. lol

Happy New Year to you!!!

Elizabeth said...

What great photos! Love the ham, BIL shirt, papparazzo, good eating sheep, nature all over me, and the idiot in the bag. You crack me up.

I think I should start Christmas morning with champagne now too. It sure would dull all the echoing shrieks and screams in my ears as we open presents. Remind me of that next year! :)

Lorina said...

Wow.. great photos. Looks like a lot of fun!

2009 better be great! haha.

Happy New Year!

Reluctant Housewife said...

It's beautiful! Looks like a lovely holiday.

I think it's miss 16 (or is she 17 now?) in the sweatshirt.

And that's a HUGE ham!

Kelly said...

Now that looks like a good old kiwi chrissy gathering. With you totally on teh coffee and champagne starts to the day. Awesome :)

Tiaras and Tantrums said...

aww - gorgeous- that ham looks divine! And I am so happy to hear you eat lambs too!! Thanks for sharing - it looks like you and your family had a fabulous time!

Anonymous said...

What a great Christmas Holiday of Family, Cousins, Music, Sports, Animals, Food, Manger, Farm, Barn, Peace, Joy & Love.

Thanks for sharing the blessings and bounties in your life.

jan crenshaw (Gigi's mum)