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Monday, February 23, 2009

big weekend

saturday night was the hubs' long awaited 50th birthday celebrations. i organised it all before we went camping, ie early january, so it felt like it was a long time coming!

i even wrote a speech! i talked about our family and friends, and how these relationships and friendships have spanned the hub's life thusfar. miss 17 then spoke, referring briefly to the crumpled paper towel she'd written on; the result of a burst of inspiration during her lunch break that day!

i bought the candles "oh no, it's the big 5-0" at a party store in quincy, illinois. we called in there after lunch at ruby tuesday's. were on our way to the local scrapbook store when we got a call from school saying 'come get your son, he's sick!'

remember that kristi?

i wasn't sure that the fancy carrot cake baked that day by the restaurant chef could carry off a set of cheesy candles, but i think it worked well alongside the edible rose petals, don't you?
look closely - hubs cut the cake, but forgot to blow out the candles!!! (senile already maybe?)
me and the gorgeous tara
my speech! i must have said something funnyeven if you add their two ages together, i'm STLL older than them!
but how cute is my dress? even if i didn't manage to get it on sale!can we just go HOME now?
schmoozing with his guests
then on sunday i had 'high tea' with a group of scrapbook friends. we stretched our pinkies, ate cucumber sandwiches, and generally had a fine time.

how cute is this food?

thanks to kris for these awesome pics!
my high tea was actually a very strong latte, as i was feeling a little 'jaded' from the night before!

i think i'm going to take my mum to high tea when she's here next month - FOR MY BIRTHDAY!!! the slippery slope to 50 - can't wait!!!


gigi said...

Happy 50th birthday to the hubs! Looks as if everyone had amassing good time. And you looked adorable in your way hot dress! Party on...

auntiegwen said...

Your life is way too much fun ! happy 50th hubby

Tiaras and Tantrums said...

Looks like a fabulous party - you look so gorgeous!!

ps - rec'd your beautiful package today - thanks so very much! (the shipping - you naughty girl!!) I am on a sugar chocolate high right now as I promptly ate 5 pieces!! hee hee

mandyb said...

oh look there's me... the party looks great - no wonder you felt seedy.... as for your birthday...mmmm so a party for you??

scrappysue said...

HUUUUUUUUUUUUUGE party for sue - but not for 4 years yet!!! dress-ups all the way too!!!

Shirliana said...

The party looks like it was a ton of fun and wow girl - you looked hot! ;) I need a party one of these days!

Hope your job is going good. I really love mine. Good job on the pics by the way.