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Thursday, February 12, 2009

photostory friday - bonus day

because of the torrential rain we're experiencing right now (if only we could send it to victoria), miss 11 and 12's planned class 'bonding-get-to-know-you-day-out has been put off for a week.

i have therefore found myself (on my last free day before returning to the workforce) with a BONUS DAY!!!

first i had my morning coffee with the hubs and read the paper
of course no bonus day would be complete without a little blogging. (deb, i'm on your site!)
where there's blogging, there's scrapping!
it felt really good to scrap TWO layouts all about MEEEE!!! (they were challenges that HAD to be about me, but STILL!!!)

this one's for the #8 wired nz dares blog. their first challenge of the year is scrap about what we learned in 2008. that was a no brainer. i've left the image large so you can read the journalling.
the second one, called 'the queen's challenge' for stampin'scrap needed to include a tiara or crown, some pink and some bling. check. check. check.
while i was scrappin' the courier hooned up the drive and delivered these! i was under no illusion that they were from the hubs, which had me wondering just who they WERE from! we met some wonderful people while camping, including a dutch rural vet husband and wife team with 4 boys (under 6!) they not only left their camera on the kitchen counter at home, they were also ROBBED while camping (they pretty much got everything back tho).

i sent them a CD of over 100 photos (including their son's 6th birthday). the card with the flowers thanked us for 'bringing their holiday back to life'. (awwwww)
this is the card i've made for my dad's birthday. his birthday is march 2nd, and MAN - it always creeps up so fast!and one for my valentine. lovin' those stampin' up papers
then it was time for some lunch and little
will and grace re-run heaven

1 o'clock in the afternoon and still in my pjs. what a rebel. we are the family who will stay in their pjs all day given half a chance.

it's a knee jerk reaction to my childhood. my mother is perpetually organised, even if there's nothing happening. this extended to sleepy teenagers (me), whose curtains were thrust open on a sunday morning, because i was 'wasting the day'.

love my mother (who'd you think i get all my organisation skills from?) but if we have no plans, PJs it is...
then i hit the exercycle
then, i obamiconned myself (coz i can).
"find' is my 'one little word' for 2009, (and i'm meant to be looking cute here not freaked)
thanks 'p'! if you want to play along at home, go here.

the day will be rounded out by a wine with hubs after work, then a stampin' up demo at the local community centre. tomorrow i'm heading out of town to stay with a friend, and sunday - well, the only thing left to do before THE BIG DAY is pick out my clothes

can i also just say how heartwarming it has been to know that so many of my friends (both virtual and actual) have been rootin' for me in my quest to FIND a job.

i got more comments on that post than ANY other (where i wasn't giving something away!)

it really means a lot :)

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Emily said...

Looks like you really got to enjoy your day! The morning coffee while reading the paper sounds like heaven to me!

A Crafty Mom said...

Love the scrapping layouts - they're gorgeous. And I love your dad's card - I have that HB stamp and I use it all the time :-)

Rachel said...

Wow! You're amazing!!! I have always wished to have a talent for scrapbooking. I'll be back for more inspiration!

Hey, way to go on the NEW JOB! I always wonder how on earth I'll get hired anywhere if and when ever I go back to work! Good luck!!!

Kacey R. said...

Can you come over and make MY coffee? Yours looks FABULOUS! I love your layouts too and your Obamiconn. Too funny! Great post!

Tiaras and Tantrums said...

love that you had a ME day!! And you Sue dear - are VERY crafty!!!! I want to scrapbook with you!!!!

auntiegwen said...

Pyjama days rock ! have a great weekend and good luck for your first day !

Heather said...

Hey PJ's are the best. I wear them as long as I possibly can, even when other stuff actually fits :). YOu are so talented and make the cutest cards (& layouts) and I am so with you on Stampin' Up. I love their stuff. The HQ is actually (I think its their HQ) not far from where I live. I wish I had more of their stuff. My scrapbooking sleepover I went to recently, my aunt has tons of their stamps and we have so much fun with them. Also, you are such a nice person. I think it was so great of you to a) take all those pics and b) to get them to those people. It really shows a lot about you! You definitely deserved flowers :)

Mean Mom said...

Sounds like a really good day! How lovely to have flowers delivered and you really deserved them, of course. I love your scrapbooking, but your dad's card, in particular, appeals to me.

Have a great weekend and hope the first day in your new job goes well!

Melinda said...

Sue Best OF Luck to you on Monday. You go show them what us stay at home Moms have to organization guru you!!!
Lovely layouts and I love your cards. What a nice gesture to take pics and mail that family a CD!

Reluctant Housewife said...

What you learned in 2008 - I hear that, Sue. Employers are missing out for sure... they SO need to learn to read between the lines. I can't tell you how many times I've had letters telling I wasn't qualified to do job I'd be great at.

I'm so happy someone finally discovered how fab you are.


Kat said...

Yeah for bonus days!!! I love those. :)
And I love that coffee cup. So cute. And those flowers are gorgeous!

Chere said...

My mother will stay in her PJ's all day. She is retired and can do that. Souds like you had a wonderful extra day. Enjoy your week-end and good luck with the job.

Michelle said...

I'd say you spent your last free day wisely!

I love your layouts and cards. It is supposed to rain hard all weekend so I think I might drag out my scrapbook supplies.

I might have to scraplift your lovely layouts. :)

Michelle said...

I'd say you spent your last free day wisely!

I love your layouts and cards. It is supposed to rain hard all weekend so I think I might drag out my scrapbook supplies.

I might have to scraplift your lovely layouts. :)

Kimber said...

I'm still in my jammies and it's almost noon here. We sometimes have days when we never get out of our jammies. My little guy loves to do that. I love your sb layouts. I do most of mine digitally though I haven't done anything in almost a year. I need to catch up especially since my son will be a senior next year. Congrats on the new job!!

Working mum said...

Great day! I so need to learn how to Obamicon myself too!

Elaine A. said...

Oh, I love your layouts and I need to make a card for my Valentine, I may sorta copy yours...

Glad you had a good day to do stuff for yourself!

CC said...

I've loving your day!!!!!! Can you take my kids next Monday so I can have a day off just like that?? No work, no kids. Bliss!

Killlashandra said...

Looks like you've had a great day! Your scrap book layouts are wonderful. Love the tiara. :)

Robyn said...

I love your pink and green layout!! Yay for a me day. I'm hoping to sit down and scrap one of these nights this weekend.

Carrie and Troy Keiser said...

There's nothing like a day in your jammies! :) and congrats on the job.

gigi said...

Love them all! Happy Valentine's Day!

Maggie May said...

Yes, it is a pity that we can't send rain to Melbourne.
The scrapping looks really great!
Good news about the job (last post)

Jen said...

I am really jealous! I want a bonus day.

Brenda Heisler said...

You had a great bonus day!! And you just started your new job! Wow!

Looks like you spent you day just the way you wanted to - pjs and all! Love you scrapbooking.

How's the new job?

Debra (a/k/a Doris, Mimi) said...

Thanks for visiting and linking to my blog! I hope you won't mind my scraplifting your projects. Lovely!

Good luck on your return to the working world. I look forward to reading all about it :)

Louise Forsyth said...

Great news about your job and cool that you had a bonus day.
I love the you layouts, the tiara one rocks.

Kelly said...

Hey, I'm slow to pick up on it, but CONGRATS on the job!!!! I'm going to have to start on the track myself soon-ish, so may come pick your brain ;)

Loved your Friday too - lots of fun. Man you're good to get all that blogging and crafting in LOL