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Monday, April 13, 2009

my quest

an open letter to the manufacturers of the working woman's wardrobe...

black is not a colour. it is an absence of colour. i do not want to go to work every day looking like i dressed for a funeral.

i do not wear black. i do not wear grey.

i wear brown. i wear navy. are you familiar with these colours?

if you manufacture clothing in these colours, you do NOT have to make them with black stripes, or grey flecks. or both.

are you familiar with the concept of a plain brown knee length pencil skirt? if you are, please note that it does not need to include the following:

  • a high waist/band
  • a narrow [black] belt
  • a frill down one side
  • side pockets
  • pleats. of any kind. pleats and side pockets are no friend of the women who has birthed 4 children.
please note that KNEE length means on or slightly above the knee. NOT below. if by some miracle of nature the woman who has birthed 4 babies is 5 foot 6 and still a size 10, a narrow skirt sitting below the knee will make her look 4 foot 6.

lastly, in this futile quest, can you please make sure the 17 year old retail assistant doesn't tell me that every item i try on 'looks sooooooooooo good on you!'


frustrated, 46


Lynette van Barrelo said...

I think I've met that 17yo sales assistant! Did you bring to her attention that there might be a good chance that she needs glasses or has poor taste? I did. =D

You might need to make some adjustments to a store bought brown, knee length pencil skirt.

Anonymous said...


Ok, I SO related to this post. Frustrating!

Mimi said...

How about all the things that have sequins, sparkles & embellishment on the rear!

Michelle said...

Oh, no pleats....they don't hide, they bring forth! :)

Tiaras & Tantrums said...

oh lordy! this is why I still shop in the juniors section!

JOh said...

So funny! I concur! What about....big girls DON'T actually want to wear outfits that Weber Bros could reuse as their main tent, if you could just please, keep it tasteful and in keeping with fashion of this century??

PS- Have your RAK...Just wrapping it again. Thanks Veronica....