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Friday, April 10, 2009

photostory friday - what kids will do for takeout

the things kids will do for takeout: (all their idea...)

unpack groceries
pour wine
run footbath
collect youngester sister from drama
order and collect dinner
make MY dinner (coz i didn't want takeout!)
why is it cats either look totally superior, or freakishly evil in every photo?
HEY! who turned on the blue light...?
friends re-runs. AGAIN. it never gets old
i wonder if chemical peels really work...
(the only reason i even KNOW about chemical peels, is that miss 19 has become strangely addicted to watching DR 90210). what it must be like to build a career and make money off people's insecurities). don't even get me started on the woman who had the fat sucked out of her knees and put in her hands. HER HANDS???
and since when did i have cankles? i actually don't, but remind me never again to shoot from THAT angle! miss 12 ran me a foot bath - and it was good
my new fluffy bed sox wot the hubs gave me for my burfday
for all those mums out there with little ones (lee, i'm thinking of you!)
it DOES get easier...

PhotoStory Friday
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edited to add: i did NOT bribe my children - it was all their idea!!!


Christina said...

I want a foot bath! And, how come I don't have little people to bribe into doing things? ;)

The cat does look a little evil....and cuddly, all at once.

Michelle said...

It does, it really does. Had to laugh at the cankle comment. And just for the record.....I think cats are evil, deep down in side they are evil. :)

Melinda said...

Ahhhh I live for the day when my children can start spoiling me. Looks like you bribed 'em good this time. You certainly do not have cankles. I think I am now in the mood for some wine...

Elizabeth said...

Oh, I needed to hear that last part. Especially today, when the rascals drove me out of the house. Literally.

Grand Pooba said...

So your cooking must be really bad! Ha, just kidding.

I love your tattoo! And what is this about taking fat out of the knees to put in the hands? Who is this woman!

I would so do that too. Bah! Whateva!

mandyb said...

hahaha love that they won and got take-aways... by the wat the new indian palce opposite me opened tonight,,,mmmmm have a good loong weekend

Working mum said...

Thank you. I so needed to hear that.

There was a glimmer of hope last week when daughter got herself ready for school for the first time ever. But then it was followed with "Does that deserve a chocolate?" as she eyed up the box she'd bought me for Mother's Day.

I guess it's all about bribery!

Brandy said...

Why did she want fat hands? I don't get it. matter who's idea it was - I LIKE IT!

Teri said...

Man, now I know how to get my kids to butter me up for take out.

Mimi said...

Those Dr. shows scare me. Women go in to have their hoo-ha's tightened up!!!

LoveMy2Dogs said...

I was just over at the SITS hitting roll call and when I do that I like to meet new people. I always check out the person who hit roll call right before me and today that lucky person is you. I see you are from New Zealand, well I am from the United States, Ohio to be exact. I enjoyed jumping around on your site today.

lailani said...

Ahhhh, my feet hurt! I need a foot bath! hehe Sounds like a good deal - the take out!

Ryan Ashley Scott said...

Friends, fluffy socks, and a footbath - 3 fabulous F's. ;)

Glad to hear it gets easier, but I'm still enjoying the ride through preschool years. I only hope it gets more exciting (if that's even possible).

auntiegwen said...

I am tempted by the sucking of fat out of my wobbly bits but I was thinking of having it placed in my wrinkles !!! I hadn't ever worried about my hands !

CC said...

it gets easier? hurray!!!!!!!

Tiaras & Tantrums said...

sorry I missed this - hubbie was home all day Fri - no blogging for me! Lucky you with all the primping from your babies!