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Thursday, June 4, 2009

photostory friday - and it's a positive one!

i realise my last post was a bit negative, but sometimes ya just gotta say what's on your mind!!!

so, remember the 3.5C (38.3F) deg morning we had the other day?

well, i see your 3.5 and raise you(?) a 2.3 (that's 36.1 deg F)!!!

'twas a frosty morning yesterday
but after a frost comes a beautiful crisp sunny day

like this one
and you can't ask for better than that

unless you ask for a 3-day week

which i got

because monday was a holiday and i don't work fridays

and you can't ask for better than that

unless you ask for a 2-hour work lunch on the last day of your work week

which i got

because this lovely lady is having her first baby in 4 weeks
we decided to buy something for HER
a gorgeous GIANT fluffy pink dressing gown and matching slippers

for those days with a newborn when you don't get out of your dressing gown until lunchtime.

or at all...

we couldn't find a gift bag big enough, so i stamped the paper myselfand i'm not the only crafty gal in the office. look at these little woolly treasuresof course i made the mum-to-be cupcakes!
she's actually having a boy, but i didn't know these edible thingees came in blue until AFTER i'd bought the pink ones!
there was some mixture left over, so i made some for everyone else in the office
and of course i couldn't forget the vultures at home; so i made some for them too...and then the day (and my work week) was over...i snapped this at 4.45 in the AFTERNOON!!! when i was collecting miss 11 from netball practice. our SHORTEST day is only 17 days away...

PhotoStory Friday
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Emily said...

Beautiful sunset! And yummy cupcakes! Regardless of the weather, you are having a rockin' week!

skoots1mom said...

wow, you've been busy
love the cupcakes
love the sunset
and the hat and booties are adorable
we have one of our youth that is living in Australia from now through the first week in August...she's been sending home pics on facebook and they are gorgeous...she's loving it

thanks for your post, enjoyed it!

mandyb said...

love short weeks... wondering why the make me feel more tired though??? Sue those cupcakes look yummo!! wrapping paper also cool

looking forward to our get together tonight see you there

Kristy said...

Cute cupcakes!!!

Tammy Howard said...

What an awesome end to what sounds like a pretty good week! I love the pics, especially that last one!

Roxane said...

One day when I have a baby can you be in charge of presents and cupcakes?!

Wayne said...

Those cupcakes look so yummi, and give my best wishes to the pregnant lady

great photo friday

Franny said...

What a beautiful sunset! Little free things like that are the best :+) If you're not a winter person, I hope yours is short...I'd rather live in the tropics, well o.k., not the tropics (tooo humid) but some place that is always warm and sunny.
Have a warm and sunny day :+D

Straight to Your Hart said...

You are so good:) Look how yummy those treats are..and that stamp job on the gift was perfect. Sweet you are!

The last photo is beautiful.

Mom24 said...

That's pretty dark. :-) Those cupcakes look amazing.

What a lovely, thoughtful gift for your co-worker. Really nice.

Debbie said...

The baby shower things look great! Good job.

Chris said...

That's funny...our longest day is only 17 days away...

You need to live closer, so you can make me cupcakes.

And I hope you survive your bought with the arctic (I guess that would be antarctic, wouldn't it?)

Latree said...

oh she will be totally ready to have a babay with all gifts you gave!

Latree said...

oh she will be totally ready to have a babay with all gifts you gave!

Anonymous said...

Sounds absolutely lovely. Definitely a nice week. Short is always nice. ;) I love a crisp morning. I'm more a winter person than a summer. :)

Pam Emmons said...

What a fun week! My baby had a hat and booties just like that, and it made for adorable baby pictures!

Janine said...

I love short working weeks, was good to have Monday off. Wow at those cupcakes you were one busy lady Sue. I love those crisp cold mornings when we have the nice day afterwards.

Anonymous said...

Love the 2nd shot! Short work weeks are always a nice treat!

Those are some great gifts! I love your stamped paper.

Maggie May said...

Best wishes to the pregnant lady. Lovely presents to receive.
I love the sunset when you were going home.
Your shortest day will be our longest! I'm always glad when the shortest is over but I dread it getting darker each evening again! Oh well....... we can't all experience summer at the same time, can we?

Melinda said...

I am guessing that for you down under folks 36F is us that is not even cold enough for strange to see you talking cold weather while we are gearing up to swim and take summer vacations.

echoeve said...

The little hat and booties are so cute.

if you have short days do you have long days?

Queenie Jeannie said...

Your cupcakes are always so pretty!!!! I'm glad you had such a short, fabulous week!!!

MamaGeek @ Works For Us said...

I can't decide what I like more. The wooly treasures or those divine cupcakes. I'll take one of each!

Kelly said...

Mmmmm..... Cuuupcaaaaakes........ sorry, what else were you saying?? ;)

Carrie and Troy Keiser said...

Sounds like a pretty good week even with the chilly temps. The sunset is beautiful (course I'm a sucker for a sunset!)

Sweet Annabelle said...

I love your cupcakes! They look so ..... creamy!

I have an award for you on my blog - thanks for doing such a great job on yours!

cat said...

Oh yes, winter. Our maximum is 16C today - really cold for our neck of the woods (started out at about 3C this morning)

Great cupcakes!

Jaina said...

Again with the cupcakes. My mouth is watering.