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Saturday, July 25, 2009

and now for a random giveaway

if you've been following my followers, you will have noticed that i'm at 97

which is, like, really close to 100

so why not have a giveaway!

because - i haven't had a giveaway, for what - at LEAST a month, right?

a kiwiana giveaway for my RESIDENT FOLLOWERS (that's followers 1-97) - the faithful. not that i kid myself that you're all reading. i know you started following during the last giveaway and never came back.

i'm fine with that. really. it's ok. we all do it. don't feel bad.

to show there's no hard feelings - i'm having TWO giveaways. the one i just mentioned - you know, followers 1 through 97;


another giveaway for NEW FOLLOWERS.

so - come one, come all for the
kiwiana bloggy goodness.

giveaway runs for 10 days; the usual story for extra entries blah blah blah:

follow 1
comment 2
link back/blog about it 3

you get the drill :)


Anne said...

How fun! I follow you, and I promise I read your posts, I'm just terrible about commenting! :o

Kimberly said...

I'm a follower, but don't know what number! I love your blog, for you and your writing, not the giveaways!

Tammy Howard said...

I'm a faithful follower, reader and commenter! Giveaways are just the gravy! Congrats on closing in on 100 followers! Woo Hoo!

gigi said...

Well I have had good luck in your giveaways :)
Sign me up please.

valerie2350 said...


resident follower :)

Krissy said...

I've been a follower for quite a while and love stopping by! Congratulations on getting close to 100!

Rachel said...

Congratulations on almost 100 followers!

Reluctant Housewife said...

Howdy Sue! I follow, read, comment and adore you. Have for over a year now... Do I win automatically? No?

Oh okay. No worries... I'm happy to play by the rules. This time, anyway. :)

Craftola said...

I'm so bad...been vacationing most of the summer and haven't posted or replied very much all summer. I LOVE your blog! :>)

Working Mum said...

I do read your posts, honest, but I tend to find you've written ten in the time I've been away, so I only seem to comment every tenth one.

Anyway, just caught up about your conference and credit/debit card fiasco - I put husband's tax disc in my car by mistake and we both drove round illegally for two months - far worse than cutting up a card!

Melinda said...

Sue I have no idea if I am one of your 1- 97 followers....but I AM one of your KC peeps and that has to count for something right?

Hope all is well with the way do you have Skype on your 'puter?

MDtripmom said...

Wow, Sue, I'm impressed that you have so many followers! You go, girl! I haven't been in bloggy world in awhile with life being hectic but wanted to drop in and say hello and you know I love giveaways, especially yours! :) Have a great day.

Juli Ryan said...

I just found your blog. Looking forward to reading your posts.

Michelle said...

Hi Sue!!! :)

Hope you're well and keeping warm!


Debbie said...

I am embarrassed! I was not following you although I thought I was. OK. Certified follower now:)

carma said...

I'm a veteran follower. I may not comment a lot but I do check in every now and then; I won't bore you with excuses :D

Gabrielle said...

As of this moment I am following both your blogs. As I have read, you are a great inspiration.

CC said...

Well darn, I'm in the "less likely to win" category! ;)

Anonymous said...

I come and read your blog every day through 'New Views of New Zealand'. I love it.

Carmel Keane said...

Hi Sue - Carmel here - I think I've posted before but maybe not. I do read you but as mentioned only when I can at work. Need to talk to hubby and see what is going on at home. Loved reading about Cupcakesevening. Nice photos!

Debbie in Nashville said...

I'm a new follower.

Debbie in Nashville said...

A new follower but I have been here before. Please sign me up for this giveaway because I love NZ after living there a few years ago and love everything from NZ!