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Friday, September 18, 2009

photostory friday - the last time

as mentioned in the last post, miss 17 got a mercy call from the hockey 1st XI to be their goalie in their play-off for 3rd and 4th, last friday night

as she was 'donning' her gear, it occurred to me that it would be the last time

she's in her final year of college (high school) and this would be her last game of hockey for the school
so, like all good photo-crazy scrapbookin' mumma's, i grabbed my camera

she already had the 'kickers' on before the thought occurred to me

and even though she's tolerated me shoving a camera in her face over the years, she didn't want to co-operate tonight
she kept turning away from me and i got rather dizzy walking around in circles trying to take these pictures!!!

the buckles on the kickers can be tricky
'bloomers' already on - purple shin pads next
chest vest thingee - i was having to chase her for the photo by this point...
elbow protectors
neck brace
my hands! i need something in my hands!
giant mits and stick will do!
here she is taking the field.
she'd just run through the guard of honour they made for her with their sticks
waiting for an opposition penalty corner
yeah. it was a shitty night weather-wise
but these girls are tuff
and practical
ya can't get past me!
yay - we won! 6-1
good game, good game, good game.....
that's what they say as they file past each other
team manager thanking her for all her 'years of service'!!!
and a couple of random shots to finish - my new red hair!!!

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KK said...

Cute hair and way to go goalie!

Raise Them Up said...

Oh neat! I used to play field hockey, and seeing these pictures brought back so many fun memories! Thanks for sharing!

Will she play hockey in college?

Tammy Howard said...

Love the hair. Love. It.

Maggie May said...

Love the new hair cut! Looks great!
Look at those cumbersome knee shields!
I used to play hockey many moons ago. (But that was because I got to dodge History.) Don't tell anyone that though!

Lisa @ Boondock Ramblings said...

Great shots of her playing and great shots of that hair! (You're braver than I am!)

Carrie and Troy Keiser said...

That is a serious amount gear she has to put on. Glad her last game was a winner.

Sass E-mum said...

They really are tough playing in that rain. I love all that team stuff as they go on and off the pitch.

Love the hair.

Jaina said...

Looks like a fun but slightly wet game ;)

Wayne said...

Yay congrats on the win and I love the pictures

CC said...

Wow! That weather reminds me of the soccer game I was just at this morning with my son!

Congrats on her last game!! And winning!

Tiaras said...

she will appreciate the photos later on in life!