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Friday, September 25, 2009

a winner, an award and a request

first off - i'm back from my work annual conference
it was amazing but i'm SH-aaaaaaaatered

4 days away and 3 days until i leave for italy
freaking out ever-so-slightly
(but dont' feel too bad for me - HUH!)


how slack am i? i launched a giveaway in JULY and said it would be for TEN days - sheesh!

what a slacker

so, without further ado - my 100th follower is

congrats to you!

'mub' is a 27 year old transplant to the netherlands, she makes stuff, does menu plan monday, is a daring baker, and takes lots of very cool photos - go check her out!

mub - you win....

something i've been TOO slack to take a picture of, so PLEASE take a picture of yourself in it and blog about it and link back, ok??? (thanks!)

and the random draw for my faithful followers, went to an 'oldie but a goodie' - follower #19...

ELAINE at the miss elaine-ous life.
she's just about to have a baby girl after 2 boys, so she's gonna love her prize!
(it's the same as the one above).


in other news...

i won this

from this cool chickie

THIS award had rules - ooooooooooooooooooo, and here they are:

1 - share it
2 - pass it
3 - notify
4 - link back
5 - oh, and i gotta do some sharing too - 10 sharing to be precise, so here goes:

1 - i went to a garden party at buckingham palance in july of 1981. i wrote to the queen asking her if i could go to one, and the chancellor of the exchequor wrote back and said yes.

2 - i always knew i'd have 4 children

3 - i love being the age i am now, more than any other age i've been

4 - i expect i'll feel this way for a goodly while too!

5 - i don't get along with my sister

6 - i love being left-handed

7 - my favourite cake/slice growing up was custard square

8 - if i had unlimited funds (and time) i'd travel for at least 3 months of every year

9 - i'm not a very patient person

10 - i had childhood asthma and in my school reports, my teachers wrote that i did well 'despite my handicap'.

thankfully - times have changed!!!

i pass this award onto MY NEWBIES [on my right sidebar]. yes, there's 12 of them and i'm only meant to pass it onto 10. what a rebel.


and lastly the request i have.

the next family birthday - the one where miss 17 turns 18...

..she's become slightly addicted to american candy and would love someone (anyone) to send her some of these...


and thank you.


Melinda said...

Sue what other addictions does she have other than tootsie rolls? cause if i am gonna post i might as well make it worth her while. email me pls. also need your addy again...i am sure i have it somewhere but it might get there quicker this way ;)

angie said...

I'll send her some!

Jaina said...

Congrats on the award! Buckingham Palace? That's stellar!!

Tammy Howard said...

I like the age I am now, too. :-)

I may just like the the next one even better.

Tiaras said...

glad your conference went well!! miss seeing you out on bloggyville

auntiegwen said...

Hey you, looking forward to seeing you in London baby !!!!!!

Anne said...

Woo hoo - I got an award! :D

I hope you have fun in Italy - I can't wait to see the pictures!!

Shirliana said...

Sue, I would love to send your daughter some tootsie rolls, especially as they are some of my favorite treats as well! If you email me at shirlianaatgmaildotcom with your address I'll get them right out.

18. How exciting. :)

KK said...

I like the vanilla ones!

scrappysue said...

there's vanilla ones? so many flavours, so little time lol

Kristi Smith said...

I can't believe you don't have tootsies over there! One of my favorites!

Teri said...

Hey! I'm a newbie. Whee!

Elaine A. said...

Thanks Sue, I'm excited to get some 'overseas' mail! :) Hope you have an absolutely wonderful time in Italy! Can't wait to hear all about it.

Grand Pooba said...

You are too sweet! Sorry, I read your post a couple days ago but then got interupted so I couldn't leave a comment.

But thank you so much for extending the award to me! I'm so proud and happy to be a newbie!!!

(I've got tootsie rolls in my candy bowl on my desk as we speak!)