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Wednesday, November 4, 2009

wordful wednesday - hey look, it's me at the colosseum!

first of all, i want to thank my lovely bloggy friends for your kind thoughts about my incredibly STUPID bunny oscar, who went on a 3-week bunny road trip and came home, only to get very sick and lose the sight in one eye!

i can report that even though the eye is still scary-creepy milky white (and that won't change), he survived the critical the-eye-might-explode-and-have-to-be-removed phase and is doing really well.

he's eating, drinking, grooming and seems very happy. mr scrappy is also eating, drinking, and happy (the grooming can sometimes leave a little to be desired - just kidding hunny!) and coping very well with having to give oscar daily injections of antibiotics.

misses 11 and 12 are also caring beautifully for their bunny, having to rub cream into his eye THREE times a day!

and now back to all things rome for wordful wednesday...

good lord, could i look any more like a tourist if i tried?

this was the first of THREE trips we took to the colosseum.

it was a real treat to be able to photograph it at different times of the day and night

this is sandy. we stayed with sandy and pete.
they're the ones living in rome for 3 months to celebrate being 100 (50 each).

and now for today's history lesson:

the colosseum is also known as the FLAVIAN amphitheatre, and was inaugurated by titus in 80 A.D.
it was the first permanent amphitheatre to be built in rome.

it seated 50,000 people and had 80 entrances, so spectators could arrive and leave quickly.
it was made in the style of classical, doric and ionic (among others).

it was built on an area that had previously been occupied by an artificial lake, which was on the land where nero resided. upon nero's death, emperor vespasian wanted to make a political gesture by giving back the land to the romans.

so there you go (i hope you read that thoroughly - there'll be a pop quiz on friday)...

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Michelle said...

The only way you could have looked more like a tourist was to put on a pair of black socks with those sandals and hang your camera around your neck! :)

Anne said...

I'm glad Oscar's doing better!

And you should see some of my pictures from the Colosseum - I actually posed with those gladiator guys out front! LOL

Elizabeth said...

We have an outdoor amphitheater here in St. Louis. It is the WORST place for traffic after a show. Reading about the Colosseum's 80 exits made me jealous.

Anonymous said...

So glad the bunny is better and Mr Scrappy is coping so well!
Great tourist pic - but I am sure you can look even more like a tourist if you have a long camera lens (thank goodness for digital zoom eh, makes it easier to go incognito!).


Jacky said...

thanks for the visit

auntiegwen said...

I was propositioned by a gladiator out front, never been the same since !!!

San said...

*gulp* that story of your bunny is truly scary! :P

I like that pic of the colosseum though! Nice hat! Haha!

Thanks for popping by my blog.. hope to see you around more!

blueviolet said...

I'm glad bunny is on the mend. Love the photo in Rome!

Reluctant Housewife said...

Hey! Is that a Colosseum in the background, or is Rome just happy to see you?

Poor Bunny - hope it feels better soon.

Elaine A. said...

You do look quite touristy, but hey! that's awesome in my book! :D

And look at you with all your Colosseum knowledge. Go Sue!!

Sandra said...

Haha, nothing wrong with looking touristy :)

Did you get some night shots too? It looks amazing at night.

I always got this eerie(not unpleasant though) feeling when visited ancient sites like the Colosseum.

Brenda said...

Its amazing that they built something so immense so long ago!

Stacy (the Random Cool Chick) said...

So glad to hear your bunny's feeling better! Very cool you got to see the Colosseum in person!

Happy WW! :)

cat said...

ah Rome, the enternal city. Love that place, but the colloseum gave me the creeps.

Cairo Typ0 said...

True tourists need fanny packs so you're doing ok. LOL

Stopping by from SITS! :)

Anonymous said...

How beautiful! You're very lucky! I've got about 100 tourist-y looking picture from our trip to Germany last year. You can't help but stick out when you're a tourists. The locals *always* know!

I'm glad Oscar is doing well!

Stopping by from SITS to say hello and Happy Thursday!

Widge said...

I just clicked on you from SITS and got all excited!oooooh another New Zealander!! Hi! :)

Miss Dot said...

How funny about poor Oscar! Too bad I only joined in when his saga was over. Sounds like you had a lovely trip! Thanks for stopping by my blog :)

P.S. -- cupcakes and cosmos? I love it.

Shirliana said...

Tourist - yes, but where was your fanny-pack? ;)

Great story andlesson! What an incredible place to be - the history, lore, and magnitude of it all. Reminds me of when I was in Athens Greece.

Teri said...

I loved Rome! My hubby and I spent most of our honeymoon there. Gotta go back one day. The history is just incredible.