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Wednesday, February 24, 2010

wordful wednesday: ski bunny or space cadet?

i'm struggling with the whole blogging v facebook thing lately

i while back i wondered where all my blog friends were, then i found them AWOL on facebook

NOW i see some of the blogs i read have set up fan pages on facebook
this is a very cool idea for publicising your blog, because it seems every man (or woman!) and their dog is on facebook

excuse me - i just had to get that off my chest

scary mommy jill has even written a tutorial on how to create a bloggy fan page on facebook

once i've replied to my 571 sits day emails i'll get right on that

(cut to me making my own bloggy fan page on facebook)
(name the 'will and grace' cameo!)

back to WW (where i'm going all retro)

this picture was taken in august 2002 when my baby was 4 and a half

3 families decided to take 8 small children skiing

no-one owned any ski gear and none of the kids had ever skied before
so we beg, stole (not really) and borrowed ski gear when and wherever we could
(can ya tell?)
this was taken during one of several 'try on' sessions
the trip was a hoot - we hired a very spacious house and had a fantastic weekend.
SOMEWHERE i have a pic of the entire crew of kids.
i'll try and dig it out for next week!

for more wordful wednesday, see angie over @ seven clown circus


Janine said...

funny you mention the fb vs blogging things. I am in two minds about the whole thing....I haven't put a blog link up there and I don't think I will. The thing is I am not sure if fb is me at all.

Michelle said...

She looks ready for the winter Olympics!

KK said...

So cute.

Ok, I see FB as time consuming at first and then you get tired of it and go back to normal life. Typically any time a friend joins, they drive me crazy for a few months with farm town invites and all manner of games and quizzes, but then they come back to normal and just update statuses. But that's just what I have seen and what happened with me.

TheEclecticElement said...

I've been debating on whether to start a FB fanpage, but I haven't taken the bit plunge yet....
One day :)
I'll take a look at that tutorial though!
What an adorable picture-She looks like if she falls, she would just bounce right back up. LOL

Karen, author of "My Funny Dad, Harry" said...

Thanks for the link to creating a fan page on Facebook. I have no idea how to do this but it might be a good idea.

cat said...

Oh that is a cute pic and story.

I am so tired of facebook - I barely keep a presence there. I like blogs way more because Facebook is actually so unpersonal.

Working Mum said...

I can't keep up with blogging, never mind Facebook!

Hilarious ski story. What possessed you?