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Thursday, May 27, 2010

photostory friday: this is where i'll be in 37 sleeps, and if u knew how cold it was here, you'd be happy for me

it's called the peninsula something

and it's on the sunshine coast (in australia)

where apparently it's sunny (a lot)

and warm too

which it isn't here right now

or likely to be for several months *sigh*...

miss 20 has a 6 week break from uni starting friday and miss 18 has a FIVE week break starting NEXT friday.

misses 12 and 13 have THEIR end of term/semester 2 holidays starting july 2nd, and there's a 10 day overlap where we could ALL holiday together

so i'm pretty happy

as it turns out, we're travelling on the EXACT same dates as when we took the girls to the gold coast back in 2006

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angie said...

Do you ever stay home?

That's just my jealous talking. HAVE FUN!

Carrie and Troy Keiser said...

sounds like a great trip..... have a blast.

cat said...

Enjoy the trip! And just to let you know - my team (the Bulls) won the Super 14 again. Just mentioning...

Tiaras said...

have a fun fall holiday in Oz!

Elaine A. said...

Oh I can feel your excitement. You know why? Because I leave this Saturday for the beaches of Florida! Can't wait. Let's enjoy our holidays!! :)

sanjeet said...

sounds like a great trip
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