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Saturday, October 23, 2010

i heart faces tutorial show and tell

i'm a recent and sometimes participant on this website

i haven't done any fix-it-fridays yet, as the tutorials seem to involve FULL photoshop and various 'actions' downloads, but i DID find this very easy-to-follow tutorial on tinting using the gradient map in PHOTOSHOP ELEMENTS.

here's my original photo:

and after

the tutorial can be found here and is by Professional Photographer Michelle Johnson
her blog can be found here.

Thanks Michelle!


Janine said...

waves to you...hi Sue, just been catching up. Loved the recap on the Tara incident. Like the Mojo tradition, how very cool, and I had a wee giggle at how many photos you have now ammassed in a short period of time.....thats a lotta photos. But I love how you could identify the flower and how you changed it in elements, I so need to get my head around the stuff that elements can do. Are you still working on the terrace?

Jessica said...

Love the edit! So pretty! The picture was gorgeous to start with too!

Margot/NZ said...

Just so you know I don't stalk ALL the time....

Have a good week - maybe see you Thursday!


angie said...

I should give this a try too. I bought photoshop and have only used it once. I love what you did with it.

C said...

Can I just ask - how much does Photoshop cost? I've heard that it's $1000 but that doesn't make sense!!!