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Friday, October 15, 2010

photostory friday: having fun with leftovers

this is a recipe i make from time to time.  it'd be perfect for a summer BBQ, but my family will eat it year round!  we're big fans of the savoury/sweet/interesting texture mix, which is great, coz a lot of kids are weird about texture!

here's the recipe.  it's super easy.  the only cooking involved is the steaming of the asparagus.

note the kink in the salad bowl.  that's where i left it on a warm element and melted it.  i kick myself every time i see that damn kink!

because watermelon is essentially a summer vegetable, it was slim pickins' at the supermarket
there was only ONE GIANT piece of watermelon, so i took it
it sported a giant crack that resembled the crack in the universe

(only diehard dr who fans will get that reference - and no, i didn't take a picture of it!)
when miss 18's bandmate saw it, she said - "we should write a song about it - i found the crack in the universe in a piece of watermelon!"

don't ask me what goes through the heads of teenage girls
they are one of life's great mysteries for sure

 so there was A LOT of watermelon left over

what to do with it?


and here's the recipe:


you decide on the 'portions'!!!!!

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Tiaras said...

both look delicious! heading into summer as we head into fall - brrrr!!!

mandyb said...


Izzy, Emmy 'N Alexander said...

MMm, Martini's. lol!! Looks yummy!

theUngourmet said...

I tried making watermelon margaritas once. They were just okay. I think the vodka is a much better idea. :)

C said...

haha... so it's moved form Amy's wall to the watermelon..... sneaky sneaky crack...

Victoria's Voice said...

You had me at martini! Yummy! I am your newest follower just relaxing and surfing on this beautiful Sunday.

I hope you are having an excellent day!


Shelley said...

I am following from the blog hop. Cute blog. I hope you can follow me back.
God Bless and enjoy His day,

Ron Cooper said...

Following you now from Relax & Surf Sunday. Please follow me back!