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Saturday, December 4, 2010

photostory friday and opening night

on wednesday night mr scrappy and i went to opening night of ROCKY HORROR PICTURE SHOW.

richard o'brien has just been granted new zealand citizenship, and (as the narrator) when he came onstage, he was more than welcomed home (although born in the uk, he lived here as a child).

i love it when something reaches 'cult' status, and if i can be so bold to use ABBA in the same sentence:
something that reaches across time and demographics

we knew there'd be plenty of people in fancy dress

 and we weren't disappointed

mr scrappy and i were also photographed for our daily paper (the people page)
i shall report back if we make it to print!

coincidentally, the original movie was on tv the following night, so my girls got to see it before GLEE completely butchered it

given that GLEE seems to pride itself on being politically INCORRECT, i was more than disappointed with the dialogue changes:

heavy SWEATING???...and
bed (whatever they replaced THAT one with!)

at least mercedes' SENSATIONAL ALMOST worked.

it was nice to see 'folks dressed normal' when we got home, and although it was a school night and WAY past their bed-time, it's hard to be mad when you're greeted with this..... 

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