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Thursday, December 16, 2010

photostory friday: the lowdown on the hoedown

because i am constantly struggling to put myself in FRONT of the camera (then worry later about how those photos might turn out) - you will forgive my indulgence this friday, where i foist upon you, endless photos of me dressed for the above mentioned barn dance our friends hosted a couple of weekends ago.

as luck would have it, another friend (who is also a professional photographer) took many photos on the night, and can i just say (as a woman in her mid-40s) - how GRATEFUL i am for a good camera and excellent [read] flattering lighting!!!

so without further ado, i present you with my still-pretty-good-legs-in-a-skirt...

this lovely lady and i both have 21 year old girls
(that's how we met)

 this lady ALSO has a 21 year old daughter
(that's how WE met too!)

 true fact: i OWN these earrings
in my defense: these are readily available in atlanta in the early 1990s....

in my own defense: I LOVE FOOD

  and taking photos

 can i hear an amen for the excellent lighting in this here flickrpicture

our hosts!!!
this man is also responsible for the very straight teeth my daughters have

 and a few taken at the house before we left

thanks again to my BESTIE TARA who has owned and loved this frilled jacket since she was 16!!!

meanwhile back at the barn dance

we even had a professional 'caller' and learned several barn dances

swing your partner


"CATTLESTOP" - our musical stylings for the evening
they were fantastic

so much fun

until noise control SHUT US DOWN

At 11.36 PM

on  a saturday night

with bon jovi playing LIVE

not 10 minutes from where we were

if you can believe it!

coz that's what happened!!!

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mandyb said...

of course you can still carry that short skirt!!!!.....and i still cant believe noise control closed you down!!! un-real!!!

Honey Mommy said...

Yee-Haw! You look totally awesome in that little skirt. I wouldn't dare show my belly button in public, but you sure have the figure for it!

Sharlene Meyer said...

Fab pics, and I love that skirt - looks super cute on you!! I used to have an almost identical jacket in black - dated from my pre-teen Bon Jovi fan days- could have used it for the above mentioned concert LOL! Looked like a fun night (minus noise control!)

Krystyn said...

Your legs look great. I could never pull off an outfit like that.

I bet you all had a great time.

JM PhotoArt said...

I would LOVE to go to a barn party! :) Always like an excuse to wear my cowgirl boots!

Carrie and Troy Keiser said...

Looks like you had a fantastic time! I love those earrings!

Elizabeth said...


Whose face is on your boots?

Kristi Smith said...

I am not sure if I am more impressed with your legs or your belly. I could only dream of my belly being so flat!

Grand Pooba said...

You are one hot mama!!!

Tiaras said...

look how awesome you look!