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Wednesday, January 5, 2011

wordful wednesday: done.

my 365 came to an end 5 days ago

i loved every minute of it

didn't miss a day

although, it wouldn't have bothered me if i had

i love that i can touch, feel and turn the pages on our year
(in the past i've done my 365 online)

my picture on june 6th was miss 14 reading the entire album

she'd help me file the new photos, then spend AGES pouring over the album

love. that

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Nicki said...

Your book looks great! Well done!

mandyb said...

wahoooooooo looks great..well done you!!! see ya sat.....oh no wait...thurs...then sat!! lol

bettyl said...

Congrats on completing the project! I would be proud of myself, too!

Dawn said...

wow! great job not missing a day-that's a big task!

Laura @ The Things I Said I'd Never Do said...

Wow! I am so impressed! You didn't miss a single day?! That is dedication

cat said...

That looks great! I am planning to make a photobook out of mine

Sherri said...

I've recently started printing out my blog pages and putting them into albums. It does feel different flipping through the pages and seeing it right before me in a book. I am going to do one for each year that we homeschool. I'm so excited to be getting them somewhere besides blogspot. I have always had a fear that something would happen to the site, and I would lose everything!!

Amanda said...

You are so super organized. Maybe one day I'll be there.

I'm glad you found the new blog. I was feeling a little blockage and then I drank the immodium and it's all spilling out just fine now. Have I told you lately that I heart you?

parentingBYdummies said...

That is so awesome! I want to print mine off too. It would be so cool to do it every year so when I'm older and The Dudes are all grown up, I can go back and look at them all. That will make me happy sad!