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Friday, February 11, 2011

camping 2011 de-brief

first let's start with the crappy bits (coz, into every camping trip, a little [or a SHIT-LOAD] of rain [and gail force winds] must fall...

NOT our tent - and they took it down shortly after this, rather than have it blown down!

we KNEW the heavy rain and WIND was coming, so we actually tethered miss 14's tent to our car!!!

then came the rain

rain on its own isn't so bad, although being cramped into one tiny space ain't that much fun...

 but when the WINDS come too...

this was BY FAR the worst wind and rain we've had in 12 years of camping, so we dropped the girls' tents and abandoned our camp site for the night

thankfully, there were tourist cabins available IN our campground, within sight of our tent, so we could keep a weather-eye


it's sturdy enough that it withstood the wind and rain, and although it DID take on a little water, when the storm passed, we simply moped it out and carried on with our holiday!

i took this as we were driving away from our tent
the white frame in the front is the gazebo, which is really only intended as a SUN shade.
not water proof, and CERTAINLY not gail force wind proof!

when the rain stopped, it took a day or two for the flooding to subside, so were actually trapped at the campground for a day, as this is the only road IN OR OUT!!!


PRIOR to the 3-day storm [at the end of our holiday], it was


....and so we had...

my own personal barista 

we needed ALL of those plugs i tell ya!

toaster, kettle, bread maker, ipad, iphone, hair dryer, fridge, waffle iron, laptop...

i'm sure i'm forgetting something?????

AH!  the kitchen sink!!!!! hehehehe

oh yeah - i became a bit of an instagram whore on mr scrappy's phone
me likey instagram

at one stage (during the good weather) - we almost had the entire campground to ourselves!

there was beach frolicking

great views

(i think this is a preset filter in aperture)

gorgeous beach babes


more jumping

still with the jumping

 we LOVES our jumping!

until we fall down.....

there were daddy kisses

 amazing sunRISES

i got up at 5.30am and all i got was this

fabulous sunsets

that sun sure knows how to set!

and of course friends

there were birthdays


birthday breakfasts

my first attempt at french toast!

 birthday LUNCHES

and more birthdays

 birthday KISSES

 and sun drenched beaches


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cat said...

That looks like a great camping holiday - imagine, I still have to do our post on our December camping trip.

Debbie said...

You made some pretty sweet lemonade out of those lemons:)

Anonymous said...

Aside from the rain, it looks like a fantastic vacation! Wish I were there instead of here in the cold melty wintery mess of MT!

Nicki said...

Love all the photos especially the moon one!

Anonymous said...

Look at all those chords!!! Now THAT is my kind of camping. My husband? Bare minimum and a back pack.:) Looks like y'all had a great Holiday aside from the rain. The sunrises and sunsets look gorgeous!

mandyb said...

very cool story!!!! glad you made it through the storm!!!
was very jealous NOT being at the beach with you all!!!

Cecily R said...

LOVE the good weather and beach babe shots, but that last one...SWOON! Fabulous shots this week, Sue! Now I will go back to being SUUUUPER jealous that you can even THINK about the beach--even in a downpour. Sigh. :)

Honey Mommy said...

That looks completely awesome! Love the sunrises, sunsets and the beach. So much fun I wish I could go there.