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Thursday, April 7, 2011

wordful wednesday: princeton? yeah, i go there...

well, i went once, but it was so beautiful i'll remember it forever

i felt smarter just BEING there

i can't decide whether i was more awestruck by being on the 'hallowed ground',
or by the beauty of the leaf change

in my neck of the woods, we see more of the evergreen variety of trees, and i'd NEVER in my 45 years (at the time), seen such leaf change, such variety of colours...

...heck - i'd never even SEEN leaves this colour before!

i could have sat here forever
i've SERIOUSLY never seen leaves this colour before

the other thing i couldn't quite get my head around, was how such PRISTINE grounds could have such MESSY POLES!!!!!

can i suggest a noticeboard people?

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angie said...

Those leaves are amazing. The autumn on the East coast of the US are amazing like that, too.

alicia said...

That is one thing I can say I love about Iowa. The crisp, beautiful falls full of amazing color. Happy WW! Great pics.

mandyb said...

stumming autumn pics!!! we get lots of colours at kgtn...when all the leaves drop!!! but nothing that stunning!!!

cat said...

Beautiful pictures of a great place. I love how you see the unexpected and photograph it so well.

Kelly said...

I loved Princeton too when we visited. I can relate to feeling smarter by just being there .... and a bit richer too.... was the smell of money on the air strong when you were there as well??! LOL

Kristi {at} Live and Love...Out Loud said...

I remember feeling the same sense of awe when I left my island home in Hawaii and moved to the mainland as an adult. I oohed and ahhed my way through my first fall and I'm still blown away by the beautiful leaves. :)
Thanks so much for stopping by and linking up last week. I'm trying desperately to make it to as many linkups as possible before my new WW post goes live tonight. Have a great day! :)