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Wednesday, August 3, 2011

wordful wednesday and the bridge climb


this was so much fun - especially given the fact that the weather the day BEFORE was rubbish, as was the day AFTER!

the sun sure did shine for us and it was such a treat

because tara is afraid of heights (yep!) - we got to right at the front behind our leader, so we got to quiz him all about OPRAH's bridge climb.  he was in charge of the oprah crew photographer for the day, so we heard all about why the helicopter had to dash off to re-fuel at the critical moment!

it was pretty amazing having cars speed by right under our feet and trains rumble right OVER our heads

it was pretty amazing being at EYE LEVEL when helicopters flew by

TARA was amazing

she had a 'moment' where she had to scale the FOUR VERTICAL LADDERS

on her own (only one person on a ladder at a time)

but after that she totally forgot about being afraid and just took it all in

and there was so much to take in


AND lots of fun facts

did you know:

the two flags atop the bridge are 5 metres x 10 metres and only last 3-4 months before being replaced at a cost of $2000?

in spring the flags last even less time because of spring winds

the flags are the New South Wales state flag and the Australian flag

opened in 1932, it's the world's widest long span bridge

the world's 5th longest spanning- arch bridge; and

the world's tallest steel arch bridge

it has a permanent crew of 100 working on it full-time

when the bridge was first opened, only FIVE cars existed on the 'north shore'


the bridge builders were forward thinkers, but you can imagine how everyone thought the bridge to be a total monstrosity and completely unnecessary at the time

people have been paying to climb the bridge since 1998

in MARCH 2010  bridge climbers totalled TWO AND A HALF MILLION

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Sherin de Souza said...

You guys are so brave! :)

mandyb said...

nothing like making it to the top ah!!!!! my legs were SHAKING when i finally made it!!!
AND i couldnt let go at the top!!!
AND those vertical ladders killed me too...all those cars zipping past your head ahhhhhhhh

YAH you for doing it!!!

Queenie Jeannie said...

Wow, you're brave! I'm not afraid of heights, but I would have chickened out on this!!!

Anne said...

That's awesome!! You always do the coolest stuff. :)

cat said...

I would so love to do that - I love doing things like that (here i do all those canopy tours)

Self Sagacity said...

Congrats! That is amazing. Come join the conversations every Thursday and Post your questions on Thursday Two Questions Meme

Working Mum said...

One word - AM AZ ING!!!