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Wednesday, September 14, 2011

wordful wednesday and the memorable quotes

we're one of those families that love movies and movie trivia

we love quoting (and often mis-quoting) tv and movie lines and over the years, we've somehow built many tv and movie quotes into our everyday conversation.

recently, i went to not one but TWO high teas at a local cafe that is known for its high tea and all things pretty and fine (that would be martha's pantry in wellington!)

depending on the number of people at the table, you can have up to THREE pots of tea at your table, and we found ourselves selecting a DARJEELING tea, and before we knew it - were heard to be quoting TOY STORY:

you know the one:

"one minute you're defending the WHOLE galaxy, then suddenly you find yourself SUCKING down DARJEELING with MRS NESBITT!!!"

martha's pantry has a wide selection of gorgeous hats as decoration on the walls, but patrons are more than welcome to wear them whilst having their high tea.

the 2nd time i went was with mr scrappy's nieces
they'd never been to a high tea before and absolutely loved it
they were very keen to wear hats!

because we watch friends re-run nightly, quotes from the 10 seasons can often be heard in our house, and because miss 15 is studying french, whenever anything remotely related to french comes up, this can invariably be heard:


closely followed by...


oh how we laughed when joey learned to speak french

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alicia said...

What fun- the whole experience. Gotta treasure those sorts of shops. I'd love to drop in for a spot of tea with you there. Thanks for linkin up for WW!

Anonymous said...

How fun. Cute photos.

mandyb said...

i HEART friends and movie quotes!!!!
YAH for martha;s pantry twice!!! yummo!!!!!!!!!