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Saturday, October 15, 2011

PSF: rugby, rowing, going pink and zumba: the randomness of a blogger who hasn't blogged in a while

sharing a few photos from the past few weeks, which have been varied and busy to say the least!

how i ever found time to work the first half of this year is beyond me :)

some photos from my time as a rugby world cup volunteer, which is now sadly over!

it's hard to describe the atmosphere in new zealand, particularly while wellington was hosting

as a rugby loving nation in the last 2 weeks of a 6 week tournament, NOTHING else is happening except rugby

as a volunteer, we were truly treated well.  although we chose to give of our time freely, there were perks

like meeting some of the all blacks

who signed my top

sadly, i was not wearing it at the time

behind me is 1/12th of our entire naval force

yes, we are lovers not fighters

11 of the ships were in wellington all at the same time

it was awesome, especially as one of them was right outside the volunteer centre, and i was operating the mini i-site (information) for tourists, of which there were plenty

australians, welsh, south african, french, tongan, samoan, american and irish

more on the irish later

the temporary 'winter wonderland' ice rink set up on our waterfront

the name of it is funny because it's spring here

my final volunteer shift is hard to describe

20,000 irish, welsh, south african and australia rugby fans descended upon our city and i spent the whole day directing, walking, showing and chatting with many of them

it was amazing

but back to the irish

these guys thought i was giving out free hugs, so i obliged

how could i not!  to describe the atmosphere as FESTIVE is a GIANT UNDERSTATEMENT

one supporting the welsh and one the irish

both happy

even mr scrappy managed to score a free ticket to the game

the welsh won by the way

and what's spring without spring tulips!

and zumba pinkathon's?
a breast cancer fundraiser i attended a few weeks back
it's not difficult to find pink in my house

me in my volunteer uniform

one of the unexpected perks of being a volunteer was winning free tickets to the ALL BLACKS v Argentina game in auckland last weekend

i'm a fan

so are these guys
they were sitting behind us at the game

mr scrappy and his brother
i took this because i marveled at how they even hold their beer the same way!

me, my SIL, BIL and mr scrappy

the all blacks doing the haka before the game

my SIL and i outside the park before the game

they live on a livestyle block and during the week these gorgeous creatures came into the world

then it was back home and on the road to collect miss 13 from her 5 day rowing camp

that's her behind the guy in the yellow singlet (3rd from the left - including the coxen)

look at her go!

they had to share the river with a paddle steamer

the final day included a regatta where all rowers were put into mixed crews to compete

guess which crew won?

and to the winners go the spoils

each crew member got to write their name on the strapping tape

now THAT's what i call a trophy!

then it was onto the BITCH AND SWAP with 20 of my zumba girlfriends (at my house)

of course there were was no bitching and lots of swapping!

everyone brought their pre-loved clothing and, well - the concept isnt' a difficult one!

the hostess is always well treated tho!

of course no swap is complete without cosmos

and red velvet cupcakes!

my friends had clothing racks to lend, which made it very organised and a lot of fun

and that's me!

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Life with Kaishon said...

You know how much I always love coming here, right? Your joy jumps off the page and fills me with happiness. Love this post. What a fun time you have been having : ). The rowing pictures are gorgeous. Your winter wonderland made me smile big!

mandyb said...

my oh my!!!!
you sure dont have time to work!!!
love it all!!!

so are we still going ice skating this week???? what about before or after our scrapmates lunch??

Queenie Jeannie said...

Gosh! So much good stuff all in one post!!! You live a very fun and full life - awesome!

Congrats to Miss 15 - she's terrific like her Mom!!!

Working Mum said...

How fab to be a volunteer at the Rugby World Cup! My husband was a volunteer at the 2002 Commonwealth Games here in Manchester and he reckons it was one of the best experiences ever, especially as he worked on the opening ceremony and met loads of athletes. Yay for volunteers!