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Saturday, April 28, 2012

gettin' busy with the UFOs

in scrapbooking lingo, UFOs are what's affectionately known as


most scrapbookers have many
and those that say they don't are lying!

i've been working hard on finishing a few lately

a couple of jumbo playing card mini albums as part of a PAY IT FORWARD i participated in
this one was made up of inspirational quotes

this was for a fellow scrapbooker/fb friend that i actually got to meet at my autumn escape scrapbooking weekend, so i was able to hand deliver this one too 

the above album all wrapped up and ready to give

yeah, we our 25th wedding anniversary trip to rome was in OCTOBER 2009
- but better late than never i always say!

atop st peter's basilica

the view from our apartment
(the rooftops, not the colosseum!)

*sigh* - i heart rome

and the first few pages of my first ever SMASH BOOK
i am SO IN LOVE with this idea i can barely contain myself!

and the mini album i made at autumn escape
this was called 'half dressed' coz we didn't spend hours covering or painting the chipboard

most of the photos were taken on or around my birthday last month 

a very happy girl with HERMIONE'S wand 

i'm working on a few other mini albums, but if i post them here, they won't be a surprise for the people for whom they are intended!!!


cat said...

Absolutely beautiful Sue and I am totally in love with Rome, alrhough it does comesecond to Firenze

Margot/NZ said...

Wow Sue, you have been busy. They are all wonderful - well done!

mandyb said...

love all the things you are making/have made ..... go you!!!

Sweet Annabelle said...

Wow! Those minis are really great! I like the Rome one the best of all. :0)