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Friday, May 18, 2012

2012 and the big reveal

if you're keeping up, you'll know that lots has been going on in the scrappy house so far this year

and in the wake of that, rooms were vacated and renovated

some rooms got new residents and just about all the rooms got a new lick of paint!

so without further ado

the before and after shots

please note extensive use of 2011 christmas present: wide angle lens :)

guest room - now miss 14's room 

then after a lick of paint

and how it USUALLY looks!!!

miss 20's old room
miss 15's new room
no paint, just a new resident

miss 15's old room downstairs
if only you could see the state of the walls before
NIGHTMARE!!!  bluetac, holes, chips - you name it, it was there

miss 14's old room downstairs
note the middle photo is BEFORE the new paint job
- it's amazing what a clean out will do for the look of a room!

a flashback to 2000 when i let a 9 year old [now miss 20) and 11 year old (now miss 22)
choose their own paint and carpet colours

and after 3 coats of spanish white!

rumpus room BEFORE


downstairs looking up
we went from half pearl-lustre (with accompanying grubby black fingerprints!)
to spanish white with a feature wall in ginko - a gorgeous lime green
door frames in double doeskin - a lovely warm brown

the BEFORE photos REALLY don't show just how shabby the walls were!

and the hall upstairs

and the AFTER after shot

the canvas was a birthday present from mr scrappy

and then we got the OUTSIDE of the house re-stained!

and THEN we got OUR room painted!



i have yet to get matching curtains and a new duvet cover, but you get the idea
pretty sexy!!!


all that's left now is the kitchen and living areas which will be a MAJOR UNDERTAKING!

then it'll be time to re-seal the drive
and by then the youngest two girls will have left home and it'll be time to sell the house!!

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Debbie @ OtRD said...


I love seeing all the before and after photos! What a transformation your house has gone through over the years!!

Queenie Jeannie said...

Wow!! Totally gorgeous! Well done! Now enjoy it before everything goes back to the "before" shots, lol!

mandyb said...

wow those rooms look great!!!
well done on all your hard work!!

cat said...

We have to repaint our living areas and I am so undecided on colours.

Lolli said...

Amazing transformations!! I loved getting a virtual tour of your house. It's looking great!

Queenie Jeannie said...

I'm not sure if I commented or not, lol! I'm getting old!!!

If not - everything looks amazing and I love seeing before/after shots!

Is it getting colder now for you?? I guess this is your fall, right?