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Friday, November 9, 2012

Day 9: GIVING THANKS Show and Tell

donate unwanted clothing


there's also a couple of pots and pans in there too, because we upgraded our collection when we put in the new kitchen

you can never go wrong with pots and pans
they're almost as useful as plates and cups!

i also snuck in a 'scratchy' in the bag of clothes

and did a sneaky thrift store drop with the other two

let's hope they're winners!!!

PS: (and it's a goodie!)  my friend literally JUST updated her facebook with this:

"I was just in the Salvation Army op shop when a very excited woman yelled wow its my lucky day...she had found a random act of kindness scratchy card !!! Are you responsible Sue ??? You sure did make her day if it was you."

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mandyb said...

love that you got to hear the reaction too!!!
love it